Replacing legacy systems with one central control system to cut costs

Datavard, a software company providing solutions and professional services for SAP data management, has recently started a project for a multinational chemical company (the Customer”) based in the US. The Customer requested Datavard to decommission their legacy SAP systems and move all the legacy SAP data into a Hadoop storage.

The Customer has chosen Datavard’s DataFridge solution to decommission the legacy system and reduce the TCO of running the business IT landscape. The SAP landscape consists of more than 10 SAP R/2 and R/3 systems which are no longer used in production, but due to legal requirements the data sitting in those systems needs to be kept for years and decades – in some cases up to 70 years. These systems are to be decommissioned due to expensive maintenance, hardware costs, and the special skills required to run outdated technology. The overall goal is to replace the legacy systems with one central DataFridge control system and move all the data to relatively inexpensive Azure based Hadoop storage.

Choosing the right vendor to run system decommissioning

In the last year, the Customer performed Proof of Concepts as part of the solution and vendor selection. Datavard’s pilot project resulted in full success, using Datavard’s solution for system decommissioning, OutBoard DataFridge. This solution managed to meet the Customer’s expectations and convinced them to award the system decommissioning to Datavard. The expected completion date for decommissioning of the first fourteen systems is September 2019.

OutBoard DataFridge is a system decommissioning solution designed to extract data from the legacy system and store it on inexpensive storage which is future safe and easy to operate. All legacy data can be managed and accessed from one central point of access, while all legacy is still being governed by SAP technology and controlled through SAP security and authorizations. OutBoard DataFridge supports retention management and legal hold scenarios. It is the perfect choice for customers with legacy systems and customers who are preparing for the S/4HANA migration.