Data detox for your SAP landscape

SAP Data Management. Boring? Not really! With tailored strategies for data lifecycle management, you can easily cut storage costs, boost system performance and save on manual work. Let’s have a look at three ways to get your systems back in shape: housekeeping, archiving and decommissioning:

Housekeeping. Our experience in working with various SAP environments shows that even up to 30% of your system can be cluttered with data no one is using. With proper housekeeping, you can free up all that space and cut down on storage costs. And that’s one of the fastest ways to lower TCO – which is absolutely crucial, especially if you are planning a transition to S/4HANA.

Archiving. Data archiving is another easy way to get your systems back in shape. We have helped many customers to boost system performance and lower TCO just by moving historical data from high cost database storage to an inexpensive archive storage. This allowed them to free up budget for other projects, moving the business forward.

Decommissioning. And last but not least, system decommissioning. This is another hot topic for those who are restructuring their landscapes – how to sunset legacy systems? There are many things to consider: impact on business functions, legal requirements (such us legal hold), data accessibility… For decommissioning, it’s important to choose a lean solution which ensures compliance with retention rules, legal hold and other GDPR regulations.

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