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Security considerations for ERP data usage on Hadoop

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In the previous blob posts of this mini-series I was showing you how you can easily and natively integrate between SAP and Big Data platforms using Datavard Glue as middleware and workbench to identify data, build ETL processes, and consume it on (for example) Data Lakes. Glue is natively integrated ...

How to move SAP historical archives to the cloud?

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Nowadays, data is growing at an exponential rate and that leads to increased costs for maintenance, licenses, and storage. A past analysis of SAP document attachments growth showed an increase of 700,000 attachments per month in a single SAP ECC system. This corresponds to a monthly storage and licenses ...

Architecture and Security

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The latest trends in the SAP world point to the importance of gathering structured and unstructured data from various sources, e.g. SAP systems, file systems or social media, in one place – the data lake. This will enable further analytics, diagnostics, and predictions thus helping to make business decisions ...

OutBoard for ERP Archiving

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Looking for ways to accelerate S/4 and cloud migration? Ready to manage your company’s SAP data securely whilst driving down costs? Datavard OutBoard for ERP archiving can help you to fast track your way to S/4HANA and BW/4HANA and offers an affordable solution for all your SAP data needs. Mitigate ...

SAP historical archives enabled for big data processing in the data lake

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Self-service business intelligence and data lakes are one of the most important priorities of CIOs and CDOs, when it comes to creating new business value for their organizations. The trend is to make data available and transparent to enable business users to get answers without having to involve IT. ...

Two ways to reduce the size of the SOFFCONT1 table in SAP

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SOFFCONT1 table grows quickly in SAP landscapes and is often found in the top 10 largest tables in the system (TIP: check the list of largest tables in DB02 transaction). This table belongs to SOC3 and contains SAP Business Workplace/SAPoffice Documents attachments or created attachments via the Global Object ...

How to Determine the Right BW/4HANA Transformation Strategy

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SAP BW/4HANA: light, fast, open, agile - what's not to like? SAP BW/4HANA comes with many benefits. It is lighter and faster than any other SAP BW version before it. It is easier to integrate it with other data sources, including third party applications and data stores in Hadoop or ...

Datavard Glue

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Big Data scenarios with SAP Big Data scenarios are getting more and more interesting for many companies. Scenarios and use cases include Business Intelligence, AI/ML, Predictive Analytics, Churn Reduction, Predictive Maintenance, Fraud Detection, Clickstream Integration, etc. However, data is still generated and stored in silos – especially when it comes ...

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