A WARM welcome – On the Value of Data Vol. 1

This is the first post on our blog and I’m honored to kick-start this platform for ideas, thoughts and concepts. We created it with a commitment to show you DataVard from inside the ropes, to pull back the curtains so you can see and hear the DataVardians and their ideas. You will learn concepts and ideas before they are finally polished and hardened by reality. Enjoy it!


On Data Management and why it should matter

As a Managing Partner I do meet many people that seek my advise on how to manage their data smartly. Some do it in preparation for new exciting technologies such as SAP HANA, some for the pain they experience in daily operation, some because they want to take a proactive step.


Very unfortunately the discussions start circling around technologies and solutions (the outside) rather than approaching the issue from the inside. Here are some of the questions that we jointly discuss:


  1. What is driving need for a Data Management strategy?
  2. Are you putting up a Data Management strategy or are external factors forcing you to come up with one?
  3. What do you want to achieve with a Data Management strategy? What could be the subtitle to your strategy?
  4. Which measures and tactics have you deployed in the past and what was the outcome? Resp. why have you not deployed them?
  5. How many of your resources (people and money) are you willing to invest? Why?
  6. What is the ideal outcome of your efforts?
  7. What would happen if you don’t do anything?


From the above you understand that I first seek to understand the situation, the goals as well as the driving forces. I believe this to be essential. During the next phases of identifying and understanding the right tactics, measures and supporting technologies you will be faced with difficulties and hurdles.


Apply this to your data

These concepts and ideas are an invitation to start thinking about smart data management. While this post focuses on strategic and tactical aspects I encourage you to take action. Remember the Japanese saying: You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.


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