BW Fit Tip: Archiving of request administration data

Request administration tables are used to store the information about requests with in BW Load, deletion activation whatever data requests because all of data operations are done on request basis.

When you perform these activities using requests the data is written into Request administration tables RSMON* and RS*DONE. When you display the monitor of the activities or when using InfoProvider administration cockpit the data is read from these tables. So Request administration table’s data is written and read based on data requests in BW. Due to the sheer volume of requests we often see the Request administration tables RSMON* and RS*DONE in the top 50 tables.


Meaning that a regular clean up or in this case Archiving will improve the BW system performance. As mentioned before, deletion of this data is not possible and not recommended by SAP, but instead it should be archived. Therefore, a dedicated BW archive object to help with the archive of the old data and this is called BWREQARCH. Using BWREQARCH object you can archive old data based on some select criteria using SARA archiving so it is archived into files, the advantage of using SARA archiving is that you can still reload the data back from the files into active tables or online database. Another advantage is that some information from these archived files can be reloaded automatically and be used in some BW operations.


For example cube compression if you perform this compression you are compressing data from F Fact table of InfoCube into E Fact table of InfoCube and during this compression also the Request administration tables are used. In the case information is needed from the Request administration tables that was archived beforehand, this information is reloaded automatically, used and then archived again. So for some BW operations there is automatic reload if the data is needed.


The BWREQARCH object using SARA archiving is useful and recommended with the general recommendation is to archive everything older than 3 months, however depending on your organization’s retention strategy this can vary.


What it helps in regards to BW performance is the write and read operations in the Request administration tables.

In addition, it can save you money on  storage costs; with regular archiving these tables are smaller, keep in mind that normally we see request administration tables (RSMON* RS*DONE) in the top 50 biggest tables.

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