Big Data: Hana and Hadoop

In contrast to the open source platform Hadoop, traditional systems for transactions (OLTP) or analyses are not designed for big data. A combination of Hana and Hadoop unites the advantages of high-speed processing with a potent storage solution.

In the course of investment in Hana or when considering future data growth, the basic question arises: which data deserves “a place in the sun”? Is the value of every piece of information high enough to give it more space or to invest in a Hana memory expansion? Should only the most valuable and quickly accessible data be stored in Hana?


In spite of rising data volume, Hana costs can be kept constant thanks to intelligent data movement whereas the benefit is increasing. Accessing the outsourced data is still possible. Thus, Hadoop offers convenient storage and makes it possible to apply analytic processes cost-effectively to large data volumes. Therefore, data lakes can be established and their added value can be increased through further technologies.


We are being confronted with enormous data volumes triggered by hype issues like Internet of Things or Industry 4.0: data from sensors, networks, machine-to-machine communication as well as restructured information from texts, social media data, mailboxes & SharePoints or video/audio-information too. Saving and indexing them in Hadoop does not only make 100 per cent of this information locatable and evaluable, but also connectable to the business data by means of linking mechanisms of the Hana technology.


An ideal mixture of high-performance database Hana and Hadoop platform opens up new cases of application and brand new ways within the area of real time analytics. This is the knowledge shared at DataVard and HP.

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