Even 35% Of Your SAP BW Is Just Clutter – Time For Proper Housekeeping!

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What is temporary data?

BW systems mainly serve the purpose of reporting and giving timely information to the end user. However, on average, 35% of data contained in these systems quickly lose value after it has been created; this kind of information is defined as temporary data. Additionally, since they are not relevant for reporting, companies need to be careful in managing its growth. Ideally, this is data that has to be cleaned up on a regular basis.

In addition to standard BI and Basis tables, temporary data is found in Changelogs, PSAs and Errorstacks. If no strategy is in place towards the deletion of this kind of data, there is a potential for an increase in storage management costs, along with system operations performance issues. The rule of thumb that should be followed is to keep this data below 10% of overall system size. In order to reach this target, companies need to invest resources and manpower in creating and managing housekeeping strategies.

How do you unleash the housekeeping potential?

One of the products offered by Datavard is BW Fitness Test. This is a health check for SAP systems which gives a comprehensive analysis thanks to the information offered by standard SAP statistic tables. This analysis, along with a detailed benchmarking system, delivers quick and clear improvement suggestions. Each Key Performance Indicator is in fact compared among more than 300 BW systems which have been previously analyzed.

In order to unleash the housekeeping potential for your SAP system, the two KPIs that are of importance for the case at hand are the Temporary Data and the Housekeeping Checks.

Changelogs, PSAs and Errorstack tables are listed in the Temporary Data Check section. What is of interest for companies is also the breakdown of these tables given the age of the data. It is in fact possible to take a look at the percentage of records that are aged between three months and one year, and data which is older than one year. Temporary data older than one year should not be present in your system and should therefore be deleted.

Details concerning the size and number of records of BI and Basis tables are contained in the Housekeeping Check section. BW Fitness Test gives therefore our customer an easy-to-read report on the current state of their BW system. However, in case there is housekeeping potential, companies need to create appropriate strategies to tackle this issue.

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Is it possible to automate housekeeping tasks?

It is now possible to automate housekeeping tasks thanks to OutBoard for Housekeeping. It is a fully automated software that helps customers keep their SAP landscapes lean and clean. To guarantee safety, temporary data can be stored temporarily in a highly compressed format before it gets deleted. The main benefits are:

  • Cross system housekeeping (BW, ERP, CRM)
  • Central housekeeping rules for complex SAP landscapes (Development, Quality and Production)
  • More than 60 pre-defined housekeeping tasks updated regularly
  • Automated handling and mass processing to reduce your operational costs
  • Quick and easy SAP ABAP implementation


Spring has arrived, so be ready to perform some housekeeping in your SAP environment!


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