Bitesize BW Migration to BW/4HANA – One Bite at a Time

BW/4HANA – it’s not an upgrade, it’s a migration

Many customers have made the move to BW 7.5 on HANA and now find themselves standing before the somewhat daunting jump towards BW/4HANA.   

This jump is not an upgrade, it is a migration. This means that among other things, certain objects which were abundantly used in previous versions of BW, are no longer supported by BW/4HANA. Customers will have to: 

Option A: converter these objects to their newer BW/4HANA-compatible counterparts (if they have one)
Option B: do without them or 
Option C: find a completely new way to replicate their function 

There is the Transfer Tool from SAP which converts many object types to their newer BW/4HANA-compatible counterparts, however it does take some getting used to. 

This process also raises some understandable questions like: 

  • Where do we start? 
  • How much time do we need? 
  • Do we have enough resources and know-how to do it?

Lack of practical experience combined with a mass of information on the topic makes it difficult to know where to start and adds uncertainty to an already daunting project. 

Migrating to BW/4HANA is like eating a supersize pizza. How is it done? By taking one bite at time.

A migration to BW/4HANA tiesup resources and involves substantial effort. That is why we recommend the “bitesize” approach. This means prioritizing and converting one bitesize package of work, for example one data flow, at a time. With the completion of each bitesize package of work, BW/4HANA becomes one step closer. 

Datavard can greatly assist by converting the majority of objects, help with remodeling and support when it comes to the very unique data flows.

Datavard has the expertise, toolset and resources to support and accelerate tasks such as upgrades, updates, data offloading (very important when it comes to HANA), remote conversion, shell conversion, analysis, data center planning and proof-of-concept projects.


Some examples of the bitesize work packages are: 

  • Installing and updating the required Add-ons 
  • Converting 3.x objects to 7.x 
  • Converting the classic BW objects to BW/4HANA compatible objects 
  • Conducting and interpreting all of the pre-checks 
  • Conducting and monitoring the readiness checks 
  • Conducting the sizing checks and planning the hardware requirements 
  • Analyzing and implementing data offloading 
  • Analyzing and implementing new frontend tools 

 The Datavard BitesizeBW Migration approach has clear advantages: 

  • Easy start on the path to BW/4HANA 
  • Fixed price 
  • Clear timeframe and deliverables 

 One thing is clear, a migration to BW/4HANA should be used to prepare the system for the next ten years of business growth and with our support, it will not only make eating the supersize pizza a lot more appetizing, but also digestible 🙂. 


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