How businesses can overcome the most common data management challenges of this century

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Companies across the globe are currently experiencing three main challenges within the area of data management:

  1. Data Growth: SAP systems have an average annual growth of 35% to 40%. As organizations are expanding their horizons in new markets and offerings, the amount of data keeps increasing.
  2. Low Visibility: companies often fall into the trap of not realizing the full potential of data management. While running various SAP projects, we have learnt that the average SAP BW system can be reduced by 30%. Such a reduction brings two major benefits: cost savings and performance improvements
  3. Digital hoarding: SAP customers are reluctant to delete or archive data, even if it is no longer valuable. This is due to some common myths, which we have proven to be wrong. In fact:
  • It is possible to restore data which has been deleted
  • It is possible to report on and change archived data

To devise the right data management strategy, it’s important to know the current state of the system and see where it needs your urgent attention. One of available solutions that can help you evaluate your systems is Datavard FitnessTest. It runs a health check of SAP systems (BW and ERP) and provides a benchmark. Based on the results, action based recommendations are provided.

Why is it important to get a health check of your SAP system?

Datavard Datavard FitnessTestFitnessTest uses data collected from standard SAP statistics to deliver an output that can be used as a one-time analysis or, alternatively, as a comparison between two different periods (for example, before and after an archiving or housekeeping project).

Datavard FitnessTest covers the following areas:

  • Data distribution and data growth
  • Housekeeping potential
  • Performance and compliance
  • Data quality and consistency
  • System size reduction potential

In addition to this information, the tool benchmarks every analysis, thanks to a rich database of other BW and ERP systems which have been analyzed in the past.


Datavard FitnessTest delivers an easy-to-read HTML report, which can also be reviewed offline. Curious what it looks like? Click here to view the demo.