Cloud as the next step in digital transformation

Data is critical, so why are we keeping it idle?

One thing is true for most companies: data might not be their business, but aside from its people, data is the second most important resource they have and yet many are underutilizing it. Think of recruiting, hiring and constantly onboarding your workforce, and then just leaving 90% of them in a room with nothing to do for the remainder of their employment! They say that data is the new oil, and if that is the case, imagine the untapped value of all of that data, or even on a more generic level – the cost of keeping it locked and idle in that expanding space.

Traditional on-premise environments vs. cloud

Companies need to be data driven now if they want to stay relevant and to do that, they need to be able to handle data at a global scale. At a certain point, many enterprises hit the limit of the data they are able to store and manage using traditional on-premise environments. Flexibility and scalability are key for data management and advanced analytics and many enterprises are just not set up for that with these traditional landscapes. That’s why so many are turning to cloud solutions such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for cheaper, smarter data management and storage. Many of these companies are also running their mission-critical business on SAP and with the exponential growth of data they are concerned about the constantly increasing costs associated with storing this data for transactional, legal, audit or analytical purposes.

Google Cloud Platform as one of the options

Moving to a solution like GCP can accelerate your digital transformation by providing a fully managed, serverless approach that removes operational overhead. It handles your performance, scalability, availability, security, and compliance needs automatically, so you can focus on data analysis instead of managing servers. On top of that Google’s BigQuery is designed to process terabytes of data and ensures you get a flexible, sophisticated, ad-hoc analysis, enabling you to build machine-learning models on datasets of any size using simple SQL.

Connecting your SAP with the cloud

That covers the cheaper, managed infrastructure and the advanced data analysis, but how do we get the data from SAP into the cloud? You need a solution to easily connect the two and that’s where we come in! Datavard has partnered with Google as part of the Cloud Acceleration Program to provide solutions to move your SAP data into GCP for archiving or decommissioning purposes, enabling you to reduce your SAP Footprint with Datavard Outboard Housekeeping, DataTiering and DataFridge, but more important for your digital transformation, we also provide a simple, efficient solution to replicate relevant SAP data into BigQuery for business intelligence that can power the future of your enterprise with Datavard Glue.

A connector between your SAP System and Big Data platforms

Glue is a lightweight, ABAP based software component that doesn’t require any additional hardware and can be installed directly on your SAP system and makes integration with Google Cloud Platform, Azure, or any other Big Data platform smooth and effortless.

It supports bi-directional integration, various delta mechanisms to make sure that data you push to Cloud stays current along with options to filter, transform or enrich the data via business functions, routines or currency conversion to ensure what ends up in the cloud is easy to consume and work with.

To safeguard the success of your business in today’s data-driven world, you can no longer rely on gut feelings or siloed analytics – you need to have your fingers on the digital pulse of your business. With Datavard’s simple solutions and our SAP data expertise, together with GCP and BiqQuery we can help fast-track your digital transformation towards the intelligent enterprise.


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