Case Study: A Complex System Carve-Out Done in Three Months

datavard sytstem carve out divestiture

The state of the M&A deal

Following the Deloitte report, mergers and acquisitions business has never been better. Companies are taking advantage of the steady economic growth and increased cash reserves to invest in M&A deals. The number one reason behind M&A transactions is acquiring new technologies, but also expanding customer base in existing markets as well as diversifying services. And since there is a high demand, this is also a good time for divestitures and obtaining funds to focus on the core business.

The papers are signed, the data must go

The success of an M&A transaction depends greatly on technology. Over 60% of respondents rely on new tools to assist them with the transition and ensure reporting continuity and smooth integration. A system carve-out can make or break a deal, therefore it is critical to think ahead and plan it thoroughly, taking into consideration the buyer’s and seller’s infrastructure, legacy systems, business requirements, and of course, the sensitive nature of the data that is being handed over.

Customer case: handling a complex system carve-out

Consider the example of Telstar, a global company offering products and services ranging from pharmaceuticals to telecommunications. When Telstar decided to divest their business, they faced a very complex carve-out where it was critical to safeguard sensitive information. When they requested us to support this project, our team carefully analyzed their needs and recommended the best approach. While our technical expertise assured a fast transition (it took 3 months, which is half of the time needed for a standard carve-out), it was also key to build trust and good working relationships. Because we established open and timely communication from the very beginning, we were able to manage the entire project remotely at a lower cost for Telstar.

Datavard transmitted trust, control, and efficiency at all times. And there was always flexibility to accommodate the interests of both parties. The team’s strong customer orientation and personal approach went a long way to delivering what we were looking for – on time and on budget
–  Aurio Caño, IT Lead at Telstar

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