Customizing Activities Guide: Customer/Vendor Integration for SAP S/4HANA Conversion

datavard customizing sap s/4hana customer vendor integration

Customer/vendor integration basics

According to SAP, it is possible to move to SAP S/4HANA only having the customer/vendor integration (CVI) in place. To ensure a successful upgrade, all customers and vendors must be converted to a business partner, together with all contacts related to customers or vendors.

This guide covers the general customizing for the customer/vendor integration and should be considered as add-on material for the official conversion document, delivered together with the SAP Note 2265093. It doesn’t cover business add-ins topics of the conversion document.

When running demo customizing for the purposes of this guide, I’ve followed one-to-one approach and replicated the existing customer/vendor configuration into the business partners configuration. When doing the real project, you would probably want to review the mapping with your client and add/remove or change something.

General information about the business partner approach, as well as the conversion document, are delivered together with the SAP Note 2265093. You should refer to that document, when doing the actual customizing and conversion.

For further information, please download my step-by-step guide where you can find:

  • pre-check and conversion reports
  • details on how to prepare the conversion
  • chapter on manual customizing

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