Our Datalicious Team Is Going to SAP TechEd In Barcelona – Stop By to Meet Them

datavard sap teched booth

SAP TechEd is one of our favorite SAP events – last month we went all the way to Las Vegas, now we are headed to Barcelona. Going there is always connected with tons of preparations and our marketing team operating on high alert, which seriously endangers our office coffee supplies. But when we arrive there, we absolutely love the buzz around it! The team (especially those who didn’t lose their luggage at the airport) is in high spirits, we always have some cool gadgets with us, and we are already famous fashion trendsetters at SAP TechEd – everyone recognizes our geeky t-shirts.

But, most importantly, we go there with our solutions that we believe in and our experts that are just amazing listeners and even a tad better advisors. And it’s super rewarding to meet face to face with SAP users, talk about their needs, plans, and “nice-to-haves”, and help them out with our expertise.

datavard at sap teched in barcelona

This is Frank Gundlich. Frank is hosting a data-licious session on Big Data management – be there Wednesday morning!

So if you happen to be around, stop by our booth P14 – maybe the solution to your problem is just around the corner. And in the worst case scenario, you walk with a t-shirt 😉

Things we know about:

  • migrating to all things HANA
  • connecting SAP with Hadoop (here’s more on this topic)
  • deep-dive analytics and monitoring
  • shrinking databases
  • designing 90’s arcade games (it’s a hobby, check it out at our booth!)


Things we don’t know about:

  • cocoa keeps jamming in our coffee machine – there is a million dollars to whoever identifies the culprit

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