Delivering remote and on-site managed service in the SAP application space

datavard managed services

Stay on top of IT business needs with managed services

A little known fact, and well-kept secret is that Datavard provides focused and very structured managed support service in the SAP application space. Clients are typically serviced through a combination of highly qualified Datavard staff onsite and remotely from our support center in Bratislava. Customer requirements drives service provisioning and some customers are 100% supported entirely from our remote center. Our Managed Service model allows the customer to realize major benefits in pursuit of core competencies, show their shareholders value through tangible cost reduction, further allows them to maintain pace with technological change and enable new technologies. Datavard provides access to world class capability and scalability, frees up and maximizes return on internal resources , allowing business to concentrate investment and energy on what it does best.

While there are benefits to Managed Service there are always challenges in defining how to provide effective service to the customer, and it is worth evaluating the customer’s SAP ecosystem and understanding that if there is a case for Managed Services there are likely multiple indicators that will point to it:

  • Customer has just been SAPped
  • Customer is overwhelmed with traditional outsourcing proposals
  • Limited internal skill set at the customer.
  • Customer has a largely contractor staff which are expensive and transient
  • In house knowledge is tribal, documentation is almost non-existent
  • Service levels are a joke, the lights are barely on, failure and fire-drills are common.
  • Systems are stagnant – there is little or no preventative maintenance being done , service packs and patches are way out of date

Our proprietary engagement methodology allows us to engage, and deliver a targeted steady state service very rapidly, providing efficient and cost effective service, typically a 3 to 8 week engagement for knowledge transfer, post contract. (An example would be a 5000+ end user company was in full service within 6 weeks across ECC/BW/BPC and PI.)

Throughout any managed support engagement customers benefit through our continuous improvement program and renowned Datavard ability to flex key specialized resources as and when required, for example ad-hoc projects. (At a US customer our BW team got financial period end reports that had been taking over an hour to run down to 12 minute run times)

Whether you need a structured BASIS support plan or a functional team supporting your finance team through difficult month end closes, or a full blown “do it all” team. Datavard is here to support you through the journey.