Error while building the DTA_PRO structure prevents from running queries

Changes of InfoObject parameters lead to DTA_PRO error message

Recently our customer operating on SAP BW on HANA 7.50 SP05 system came across an error message that prevented them from running queries.

The error message started to appear right after execution of several queries: RSO_RES_ADSO 111: Error while building the DTA_PRO structure of field &2 of provider &1. These queries are all built on-top of the same CompositeProvider which consists of multiple archived ADSOs.

To find a solution, I ran several simulations on testing objects in our internal system. This is what the error looked like:


Error message as shown in SAP HANA Studio

Error while building the DTA_PRO structure of field &2 of provider &1

Error message as shown in tcode RSRT – Execute





tcode RSRT

Error message as shown in tcode RSRT – Generate Query

Finding a solution to the DTA_PRO error

First, I replicated the scenario and simulated the issue on the Datavard’s internal SAP BW on HANA 7.50 SP05 system.

For test purposes, I created an InfoObject with exactly the same parameters as the customer’s custom InfoObject. The same procedure was done with test ADSOs and CompositeProvider, both having this InfoObject in their structures. VirtualProviders were generated with same reports.

Functional tests did not show any difficulties with running queries, even on archived data.

Then I focused on how the issue progressed in time. I checked when the customer started to struggle with reporting and why regeneration of VirtualProviders needed to read NLS data helped. These observations gave me a hint to check the InfoObject version management. The investigation showed that the affected InfoObject was modified and only saved, but not activated. Afterwards also CompositeProvider using this InfoObject was not reactivated.

Customer started to struggle with the InfoObject after they made changes of its parameters. Regeneration of VirtualProviders solved only a half of problem with reactivation of CompositeProvider.

A simple fix: activation of the InfoObject

The solution was simple: perform a proper activation of the InfoObject after every adjustment of its parameters and reactivate all following InfoProviders which are using this InfoObject.

The SAP Note 2671340 (Changes to a specific InfoObject deactivates ADSO-s and HCPR-s) contains a downloadable report ZSAP_GET_RELATED_IOBJ, which can be used to list the where-used InfoProviders, which can be potentially be deactivated when the changes are performed in the InfoObject. Based on that list, the ADSOs and/or CompositeProviders (HCPR) can be reactivated by transports or with their corresponding mass activation programs manually:


After proper activation of InfoObject and reactivation of CompositeProvider, this error message stopped to appear and customer could execute queries and perform reporting again.

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