How Can Business Intelligence Help Your Organization?

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What can you do with business intelligence (BI)? Here are three scenarios where BI can really help your organization move forward.

Build compelling dashboard and visualize your data

You have plenty of data and you spend hours crunching it to get the final result – but to really see it, you need data visualization. Get rid of unreadable tables and build compelling dashboards that clearly communicate all the insights. A good dashboard can help you quickly identify problems, see trends at a glance and produce comprehensive reports.

To visualize your SAP data, we work with:

  • Power BI – Quickly create strategic dashboards and reports, available on any device, to analyze data and share insights.
  • Tableau – Make powerful, interactive data visualizations and analytical dashboards, across all of your sources, to analyze and act on your data faster.
  • Multiple SAP tools

Predictive analytics – have a peek into the future

Business intelligence can help you not only see the trends, but also predict what happens next. What will your sales look like in the next quarter? And how about the next year? Will you need to hire more people to cover all your projects? Good forecasting combines historical analysis with machine learning to identify new trends and predict future performance with the usage of SAP Analytics Cloud with a combination of SAP BPC. Knowing where your business is headed will help you build a bullet-proof strategy and adequately plan your resources.

Not sure where business intelligence can help you? Time for a deep dive

“I know we need to prepare our systems for migrations / organizational changes / updates, but I’m not sure where to start” – we hear this often. And it’s OK not to know it. You are most likely dealing with multiple SAP systems, many custom settings, outdated technology, or all of it at once. Thanks to our tools and skill set, we can analyze those systems for you and recommend the best roadmap for your transformation. We know every system is different, so we treat every one of them individually. First, we run a deep-dive analysis. We consult the results with you and jointly build up BI roadmap (and technology) that matches your business needs.


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