How to Integrate Salesforce with (Not Only) SAP

Integrating Salesforce with SAP (or other technologies)

Let’s take a look at a well-known and widely used CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution,  and how we can put together a prototype integrator in our solution engineering lab.

Combining customer intelligence with core operational data

So, the target scenario goes like this: I have my environment (with tons of Leads, Opportunities, Customers, Contacts etc.) in one hand and some cool technology in the other. Be it SAP systems, any supported Cloud solution or this new machine learning platform I just adopted, that will allow me to enhance my business capabilities. Now I am looking for something that would allow me to glue (pun intended) the two together, so I can combine my customers intelligence with my core operational data. This will allow me e.g. to improve my business relationships or better focus my sales strategy.

Thanks to our flexible Glue extractor concept, we just needed to write a small extension – so called Fetcher module – that uses REST API to pull data into Glue. Once it is in there, in our hands, we can do whatever transformation or contextualization logic we wish and consume it with any supported storage or technology out there.


I picked Accounts in my simple dummy environment to be the showcase here. Apart from the existing default Accounts, I added a few more Accounts based on pop-culture references (can you spot all three of them?)

Then I just created respective HIVE table in our internal sandbox HADOOP cluster with the corresponding column names to store my accounts in. Finally, I composed the GLUE extractor as follows:

  • My new custom Data Fetcher that reads given objects, in this case Accounts
  • Data Process that simply pushes data to Consumer 1:1 without any transformation
  • Standard GLUE Table Consumer pointed at my HIVE table

Simple as that, I was ready to roll. I’ve had my Accounts in the SAP system and then in my HIVE table within a few clicks.

While this example is  no rocket science, it clearly demonstrates the versatility of the Datavard GLUE as a universal enterprise integration solution.


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