How to Migrate Data Between Different NLS Solutions (Without Reloading)

Migrating data between different NLS solutions – possible or not?

Moving data from one nearline storage to another NLS solution poses a complex challenge. Even SAP claims that a direct migration between two different NLS solutions is not possible (see SAP Note 2386268).

At the same time, reloading data from NLS back to SAP BW and consequently re-archiving it to the new NLS solution is not feasible due to the following reasons:

  1. Too much data cannot be reloaded back to SAP BW

Simply there is too much data archived in the current NLS database that cannot be reloaded back to SAP BW (HANA or non-HANA) because there is not enough space to hold the data.

  1. Not enough people resources

Sequential reload of data back to SAP BW, creating new DAP’s would take too many people and system resources that are necessary for basic operations of the SAP environment.

  1. Not enough time

Reload of data and consequently creating new DAP’s and execution of initial archiving again to the new NLS database would take too much time.

Good news – a new solution for easy data migration between NLS solutions is now available

To tackle the data migration problem, we offer a newly available solution to move data between different NLS vendors. This is good news for anyone looking into a new NLS solution, especially as one of the NLS vendors might no longer be supporting their product in the near future.

Datavard has extended their Storage Management technology (which is part of OutBoard DataTiering software) with the option to migrate Nearline Storage (and ADK) archives between different solutions or different NLS databases (SAP IQ, Hadoop). The benefits of migration NLS data instead of re-archive and archive again are:

  • Low Effort: Migration and monitoring cockpit for significant automation.
  • High Speed: Migration is much faster than a reload & archive. Data is not reloaded back to SAP BW InfoProviders. No need to create new DAP’s. Automation of processing. No downtime for reporting. Parallelization to support multiple background jobs processing.
  • No memory storage issues: Reload of NLS data back to SAP is not needed. Migration happens old NLS -> new NLS directly.
  • Parallelization: NLS data can be migrated in one “big-bang” or sequentially InfoProvider-based, even request-based. Processing using multiple background jobs.
  • All storages supported : Migration between different NLS vendors. Supported storages of new and old NLS such as SAP IQ, Hadoop, MS SQL, DB2, ORACLE, file, cloud, AWS, Azure.
nls nearline storage informatica data migration without reload datavard outboard

Screenshots from OutBoard NLS Migration Cockpit

No data reload necessary

If you are considering to move SAP BW NLS data or ADK archives to a new storage or vendor, you do not need to reload data back to SAP. Migration of archives into the new NLS storage is possible with OutBoard Storage Management to support faster, easier and seamless migration to the new world (Hadoop, SAP IQ, AWS, Azure…).

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