How to Prepare For Your First Cold Call (to the right person)

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Landing a win-win deal is no walk in the park

What is the purpose of a sales consultant, sales manager? Our role is to be the first and last point of contact for the potential customer and to help and guide them through a journey that involves cold calling, introductions, customer management, nurturing & feeding through invitations to discoveries made with technical consultants and developers before finally arriving at a win-win deal that helps your company to go on and satisfies the customer’s need.

A sales person faces the challenge of searching for the right professionals and opening their minds to new opportunities. It is a mixture of patience, perseverance, frustration and joyful moments. Remember: a potential customer doesn’t know you or your company. A potential customer doesn’t fall from the sky!

Leads come from many sources: digital, referrals, exhibitions, telemarketing, cold calling, researches…but, what is more important is to be on the right place, right moment with right words.

Cold Calling 101: how to find and reach out to your potential customers

Today I would like to focus on how to find leads and reach out to them. Why? Simply because sometimes we have to start from scratch building a new market or, in an existing one, search for the right person to talk: In facts if we don’t talk to the right person all our efforts go to waste. We must be efficient, precise and determined.

Every company has its own CRM tool to populate with hot-lead professionals. But what happens if people in the database are irrelevant for your business or have changed their roles?

That’s why it’s vital to maintain your database properly and update on a regular basis. Check LinkedIn profiles of your contacts and learn more about them – usually people appreciate when you know in advance about their fields of expertise, job position and interests. It helps to break the ice during the first call and then deepen the conversation, asking about their current challenges at work and focusing on the benefits you can deliver.

When I get all the information I need, I go straight to calling the company: there is a chance you will get connected with the assistant (do not forget to note his/her name so as to build a relationship also with them, to give importance also to them and “feel” the company). For sure the assistant will give your target’s direct phone/mobile number or email. If you go for e-mail, make sure to send personalized messages – human touch is what makes you stand out in the digitized world.

And don’t give up! Proceed step by step, have reasonable, small, achievable goals for each call/email. Rome wasn’t built in a day!


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