5 key takeaways from DSAG

datavard at dsag

DSAG is getting bigger and more influential

DSAG is the most important event of the German-speaking SAP user group. And what I can see for a couple of years now is that DSAG is growing year on year, attracting more companies from various areas, consultants and partners. It seems that SAP customers are now more interested in independent, user-driven events rather than those organized by SAP. And DSAG is doing good job at communicating customers’ needs and influencing SAP to, for example, introduce more transparent licensing or new product features. Naturally, there are some frictions arising from time to time, but overall it’s a mutually beneficial relationship.


GDPR is a big topic for everybody

GDPR is a new European regulation that affects most of SAP customers, and everyone is expecting SAP to help them out with implementing it. However, I don’t believe it’s possible given the deadline – customers have roughly 7 months left to comply with the regulation and it seems unlikely that SAP will come up with a solution.


 SAP S/4HANA starts picking up

As there is no alternative and everyone will have to move to S/4HANA by 2025, we can already see some early adopters of this technology. However, most companies postpone it until later and I expect a big S/4HANA migration wave in 2-3 years. I’d recommend starting readiness checks early – the sooner the better. It will help avoiding unnecessary investments into areas which don’t make sense on S/4HANA. At the same time, preparing the system earlier will ensure an easier migration process in the future.


 Top presentation: data ageing on SAP S/4HANA

Data ageing is a new data management technology. It is an alternative to archiving and it reduces S/4HANA data footprint by even up to 50%. It is supported by an application that enables marking data as “aged” and store it on disc only, without being accessed. It’s seems like a promising solution that on the one hand reduces S/4HANA size, and on the other hand doesn’t require troublesome archiving.


 Europe is gaining up on the Big Data trend

While Hadoop technology is becoming more popular, we see more and more interest in Big Data use cases. This interest is also visible in SAP as they have announced a new solution called SAP Data Hub which is going into Big Data scenarios and integration with Hadoop. It’s good to see that the European audience is picking up this trend and gaining up on U.S. which is much more advanced in this area.

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