Managed Services for SAP Systems – How Does It Work?

sap managed services

Managed Services: Expertise at the touch of a button

It’s a common scenario: You’ve engaged in a lengthy project to implement a new version of SAP BW, or your in-house expert has chosen to part ways with the company with no succession plan in place, or you have just migrated to S/4 but your support teams are not yet trained to manage the new system. The list goes on.

How can you continue to run your business?

To recruit or train in-house staff is not only expensive but requires time – a luxury you most likely do not have! The ideal solution is to leverage decades of expertise you can find in specialist project implementation teams, but these teams are involved in fixed-term projects rather than daily operational support.

To tackle this problem, Datavard have created a targeted Managed Services Offering. This is a tailor-made service with your business and your data at its center. Every company is different, and therefore every one of our managed services contracts will also be different – we work together to pick and mix the various services that our highly trained teams of experts are able to provide, to make sure you are receiving just the services you need – not paying for more than you need or receiving less than you require whether it’s a short term need or a long term engagement.

So how does it work?

For over 20 years we have been managing complex SAP projects for all kinds of industries and organizations across the globe. Now we want to use the acquired know-how to support an operational environment in any way you might need. For example:

Ad Hoc expert support:
Do you already have teams to support your environment, but you believe they might need to rely on additional expertise from time to time? An option might be to purchase a package of hours to be consumed at any time through the course of a year to support your teams and systems.

Remote ongoing operational support:
Do you need to get regular support for your systems but don’t have the space or don’t want to cover the costs of having your own in-house or resident team? Assuming the necessary connectivity is available, Datavard can provide that support from our central or regional locations depending on requirements.

Onsite support:
Do you need one or more people to be regularly, or even permanently onsite, but want to take advantage of the back-end support a company like Datavard can draw from? In that case we can place experienced resources, meeting your requirements, physically at your site to provide that support, and backed by Datavard, to ensure your systems are supported to the highest level.

Custom tooling:
Over the years we have developed tools to help get early warning of impending issues (such as Datavard Insights) as well as automate certain tedious or time-consuming tasks (OutBoard Housekeeping among others). While these tools are also available as stand-alone products, they can be included with our managed services to obtain the most effective results. Through the use of these tools our experts can efficiently troubleshoot any issues or even prevent them from occurring at all.

Domain expertise:
Since Datavard has been engaged in hundreds of SAP projects, we have gained a high level of domain expertise in many different areas of the SAP landscape. This allows us to resolve complex issues which in some cases have confounded other experts. Our experience was recognized by SAP and we are now part of the S/4HANA transformation work group, helping organizations to run selective migrations to S/4HANA.

Thanks to our know-how coupled with the benchmark data generated by our custom built tools we are able to compare performance between environments which, together with our extensive experience, allows our experts to consider the broader aspects of the system when addressing an issue. This holistic approach means that we are able to address the root cause of issues rather than treating the symptoms, preventing them from reoccurring as well as improving overall system performance.

Service levels:
Is your operation business critical and requires 24/7 follow-the-sun support or would paying the increased costs for that level of support be more than your budget allows? Either way Datavard can customize the support you’re looking for to meet your requirements. The costs 24/7 support implies are an unnecessary expenditure if you do not really need that level of availability, instead you can choose which service level of support fulfills your unique business needs.

Do you want deep technical support for just a specific SAP module? Do you need full Basis support but want to retain your application level expertise in-house? Do you already have a first level service desk and only want second/third level support, or do you want a team to handle the first level tickets as well? The ability to pick and mix the different options you need means that you will be getting precisely what you need to ensure your operations are stable.

Datavard’s targeted Managed Services Offering allows you to get precisely the balance of expertise, assistance and cost that you need to operate your environment and support your systems without worrying about paying more than you need to for unnecessary or superfluous services. That really is expertise at the touch of a button!

For full details of the Datavard Managed Services Offering please check the following page or fill in the form below to have one of our dedicated sales team contact you to help put together your ideal package.

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