Marina Pontjakova shares her recipe for becoming an SAP Developer Hero

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Marina, recently you were nominated for a SAP Developer Hero for developing creative solutions. But to be honest, I couldn’t find a lot of information about how to become a Developer Hero – could you share your recipe for winning this tittle?

Marina Pontjakova SAP developer hero datavard

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First of all, I attend a lot of SAP-hosted CodeJams where I learn about new technologies or InnoJams where I put this knowledge into practice and create innovative solutions. For example, last year I went with my previous company to SAP TechEd where I participated in the well-known SAP InnoJam – we won 2nd place there. Then, when I joined Datavard, I also had a chance to code at an InnoJam. We built a tool for supporting telemarketing teams in talking to customers. Our prototype suggested who to call, when, and what to talk about, using advanced user behavior analytics. And again, our team finished on the podium, taking 2nd place.

Another thing is that I am trying to be active in the SAP community and I do a lot of SAP online courses, earning new diplomas. I recommend openSAP – an outstanding open source educational platform. Each course there offers a training in an innovative area, and gives you a chance to gain knowledge. One course takes from 2 to 4 months, including a lot of videos, exercises and weekly tasks. Sometimes they challenge you to develop the whole solution and present it to reviewers. Last year I successfully passed 15 such courses.

How important is this title? Is it like winning an SAP Oscar, or what would you compare it to?

Haha, of course it’s not like an Oscar, but it’s super rewarding and to me, personally, it means a lot. It tells me that others have noticed my efforts and it’s very satisfying.

And what are you working on right now?

Mostly I focus on developing Datavard solutions, but of course at the same time I have a ton of ideas in my head. I am interested in all sorts of innovation and it’s actually my hobby to gain new knowledge. And when I put together pieces of information from different areas then I come up with something new and innovative. It’s really cool.

Do you know other SAP Heroes?

Yes, I’ve met some of them during SAP TechEd last year.

Most of them are guys, right?

Yes, that’s correct, but you know what, I think in the future the girls will run the world. Girls are smart too and a while ago they were just a bit shy to go into technologies or software engineering areas. But I think those times are already over and with each year there will be more and more talented girls that we hear of.

And you are the best example.

For sure not the only example.

Are we going to see you at SAP TechEd in Barcelona?

Yes, I’m very happy that Datavard gave me this opportunity. There will be a lot of sessions about innovations and new technologies, showrooms and people who are working in new directions – I can learn from them and use this experience in my current work. Honestly, this is my dream coming true.

Thank you, Marina, and enjoy your trip to Barcelona!

If you would like to meet Marina and talk about all things innovation, try to catch her at Datavard booth P14 on SAP TechEd in Barcelona.

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