“By the end of the day my head was spinning!” – SAP Developer Hero sums up SAP TechEd in Barcelona

Marina, a while ago you were nominated for an SAP Developer Hero for developing creative solutions. And you’ve just came back from SAP TechEd in Barcelona. How was it?

Just awesome! I have no words for describing everything that happened, it was just incredible. I was there already on Monday because I was invited to SAP Mentors pre-party. This year they had a 10-year anniversary, so it was quite special. The atmosphere was very welcoming. SAP Mentors are all wonderful people and in their company, it feels like family.

SAP TechEd itself started on Tuesday and the first day was super busy for me because I wanted to go everywhere and see everything. The agenda was also tight, I attended 4 workshops on that day, 2 hours each. There were also lectures available, but being a developer I am mostly interested in understanding how the technology works and how to build it on your own. So besides exploring the show floor, each day I did a lot of coding workshops, working on Continuous Integration, Google Platform, Cloud Foundry, or machine learning – this is something new to me, so I enjoy it the most. And then I also joined a small hackathon which finished around 11:00 pm. By the end of the day my head was spinning but I could catch only a couple of hours of sleep before the next, intense day!

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Go, girls! Developer Heroes squad with Marina (on the right)

What was the main topic of the event?

This year’s SAP TechEd was mostly focused on SAP Leonardo, a platform which was developed last year. It is a new product by SAP, a machine learning platform. It enables multiple services for investigating your data more deeply, together with Big Data, Blockchain, IoT etc…

For example?

There was a guy standing in front of 2 monitors.  One set of sensors analyzed his clothes, skin colour, body shape and clothes he was wearing and suggested what kind of clothes would fit him. The other monitor featured voice recognition, so when he asked, “what kind of trends there are in London right now?”, the app would analyse Instagram pictures, Facebook posts and other online data and pop up ideas about current trends in fashion.

It’s still a prototype, but it’s great for testing in shopping malls. Imagine you enter a shopping center, stand in front of this machine which analyses your features and clothing style and directs you to shops you should check out. You won’t waste time for shopping!

There was also another thing by Apple – a set of sensors programmed to recognize regular customers. Each shop assistant would have an iPad where they could retrieve all valuable information about the returning customer. The app would also notify the assistant if there was an item missing on the shelf or if an item was misplaced.

What was most mind-blowing?

It’s impressive that within 1 year so many things happened… How APIs, machine learning and IoT were combined together and how many use cases were created for different areas of business. And to top it off, the atmosphere at SAP TechEd was just amazing. I was meandering through the stands and everyone wanted to share their expertise – they all want to talk with you, they are very open and very welcoming. I am really grateful that I had the chance to be there with my colleagues from Datavard.

This year you were nominated for an SAP Developer Hero. Would you like to become an SAP Mentor?

Very much so! The mentors I’ve met were really cool people, it was a pleasure to talk with them, exchange ideas and simply hang out together. So yes, I want to join them and have the opportunity to share my experiences with bigger audiences as well. I hope that one day this will happen.

Thank you and best of luck!



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