Two days packed with positive emotions – we are back from the team event

Datavardians have just got back from another team event, where all our colleagues from across the globe get together to learn more about the company strategy, network, and simply have fun. And this team event was full of surprises!

Hackathon with Microsoft

For some, the team event started a bit earlier. Experienced developers teamed up to solve real-life problems, together with our colleagues from Microsoft. They had one day to solve complex tasks, using machine learning and AI. One group had to create an intelligent chat bot that would help users with their system queries. The other team was to integrate SAP with Microsoft Teams. We gave them time until 6 pm, so obviously they were finished by 4pm and said it was all too easy. Well, we will get them next time!

New corporate branding

This was a top secret only known to few – after 20 years of running in the data business, tackling challenging projects, and offline adventures, Datavard was ready for a makeover. We ran many interviews and surveys among our colleagues to see how they view Datavard now and what is important for them. The three top values that came up almost all the time were friendship, ambition and creativity. This guided us while creating our core messaging and revamping our corporate branding. And the summer team event was the perfect occasion to show our refreshed logo and new company colors.  The reactions? There was one word buzzing in the corridors after the keynote: “proud”!

Hidden talents

We know that at Datavard we have plenty of talented individuals, whether it’s about sports or more brainy disciplines. So we asked for volunteers to share their hobbies with others and run talent workshops. And who knew, we’d got so many responses! Thanks to our talented colleagues, we all could enjoy a Zumba class, beekeeping workshop, judo practice, beach volleyball training, a swimming class and so much more! Everyone could choose something that interested them most and we all had great fun – for sure this is something to be repeated next time.

Party time(s)

Sizzling barbecue, cold beer and people having fun sounds like your Friday night with friends? This was exactly what we did on day one. And on day two, it was the big deal with fancy snacks, fluorescent lights and those super positive vibes that create the Datavard spirit and keep us going until early morning hours. We can’t wait to do this again!

We are looking for new colleagues :) Join us!

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