Two Smart Tools for Stressing Your SAP System

Why does it make sense to stress your system and how is it done?

Stress tests are a powerful way of uncovering bottlenecks of your SAP system and avoiding potential serious issues. We typically run them at customers who are concerned about their current or future system availability and its performance.

To  get the most out of stress testing, we integrate our in-house tools :

  • Datavard Validate is used for automated data validation in SAP BW systems.
  • Datavard Insights focuses on performance and user behavior monitoring, which is extremely helpful while preparing and running stress tests.

In stress test scenarios, we use Datavard Validate for running queries and process chains. To decide which queries to run, we check which reports are most often used. On top of this, we use Datavard Insights for monitoring the system performance during the actual stress tests. There is a standard set of metrics we focus on, but often we add specifics based on customers’ needs including custom KPIs.

Chosen queries with frequently used filters and process chains are run automatically by Datavard Validate, where you just select the frequency of queries per minute.

Three, two, one… go! You will precisely see how your system responses to the imposed workload and how its response differs based on chosen processes. No need to worry about your system actually shutting down. Although this might also be the goal sometimes, thanks to the thorough monitoring we know where we are and we can stop at any time.

Datavard Insights: A sudden peak present in various performance areas, caused by system stressing

What is all the pain good for?

In the first place, stress tests help you uncover your bottlenecks, avoid downtimes and performance drops. With their help, we can identify peaks in the system. Stress tests answer the following questions:

What percentage of workload can my system absorb? How would new rollouts impact the system performance? How did the performance improve after a system upgrade? What performance indicators should I focus on? Do the measurements aim at the actual pain-points? And much more…

Often you want to look at the results from a different perspective. Here is where Datavard Insights can support again. For post-mortem analysis of any unclear events, we can use automatic correlations: automatically defining KPIs influenced by what was happening in the system at a given time.

Any unusual or abnormal behavior will raise an alert in Datavard Insights. You can keep all collected data in the system for as long as you wish. Of course, Datavard Validate is also able to keep the benchmark of query runtimes achieved during the stress test.

Feel free to ask us more. And don’t forget: stress your system before it stresses you!


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