During SAP TechEd in Las Vegas I had the pleasure to hold a session on best practices for integrating Hadoop with SAP ecosystem. We presented a new technology which helps to tightly integrate the SAP universe with Big Data applications.


For advanced data processing, SAP has introduced the SAP HANAin-memory platform that enables businesses to analyze mass data near-real time. But, there is a downside – the more data you have, the bigger the costs. Hadoop is an open source framework that helps overcome these limitations. More and more companies turn to the open-source framework Hadoop to build data lakes and process their data. As a consequence, they need solutions that enable implementation and integration between SAP and Hadoop.




Datavard’s tool called Glue functions as a middleware. It is built in ABAP, but can reach into Hadoop to move data back and forth between SAP and Hadoop.  It leverages the computational power of all Hadoop nodes instead of running on the SAP application server only. Glue seamlessly integrates the Big Data world with SAP technology, and is the only solution available that allows users to access Hadoop through ABAP and SAP GUI.



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