BW Fit Tip: Performance tuning with BI background processes

You might be surprised how much performance optimization potential is hidden in the housekeeping activities in SAP BW hide a lot of potential for performance optimization.  You can start BW performance tuning inhouse before investing into new technologies


Batch processes are running in the background simultaneously during BW processes. Accordingly, Batch Manager takes care of storing the information, logs and messages for the BI processes that run in background.


Testing over 150 BW worldwide, we have learned that this table is usually one of 20 largest tables in the BW systems what often significantly affects the system operation.  The bigger the size of the table, the more time it needs to read and write.


Regular Cleanup of the tables where background processes are stored will improve the performance of the BI processes that run in background. Immediate improvements can be noticed when reading and writing from RS batch data, Master Data Change run, ODS activation or Cube Compression. Moreover it saves the storage size while keeping the system lean and structured.

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