Shrink Your Database by Managing Data Actively

SAPinsider hosted a webinar where Gregor Stoeckler and Joesph O’Leary shared their insight with the audience as to what they can do to shrink the size of their sap system database.
Concepts, tactics and tools were discussed in relation as to how they can be used to address the challenges organizations face when it comes to managing their data. Below are some of the challenges addressed during the presentation.


Data is constantly growing, growing and growing

Generation of more data is one the increase because users are asking for more applications, with additional requirements. Combined with expansion of businesses into new countries, which in turn creates additional users and additional sources of data.


Making sense of more data

Higher granularity of data at a transactional level requires the analytic tools that are used to go through the vast amounts of data are becoming more and more complicated gives a tremendous challenge in terms of making sense of the data.


How big business can happen if organizations are tuned to make sense or more data and get more value out of the data in the system. By understanding what they have available to make to more sense of the data they have. This can happen through classification of the importance and consumption of data, It is vital to have meaning that when you look into your database and can quickly figure out which data is of higher priority, based on business constraints and demands.


Load times

Load times are one of the key challenges organizations are facing today. The major thing we see now a days is that people are particular pressed when it comes to load times even more than they are on reporting performance or on processing time.


Data Retention

From a business perspective data should be retained in the database for just in case scenarios, making this difficult to use deletion as an approach to free up database space.


Watch Gregor and Joe’s webinar recording for practical guidance on tools, best practices that are used by organizations from around the globe to address challenges that you can also use when it comes to managing your data in SAP.


Click here to watch the Webinar


Shrink Your Database by
Managing Data Actively

The secret in getting the most out of your SAP® landscape is actively managing data in your production and non-production systems. In this webinar, you’ll learn the tangible information lifecycle strategies, storage tactics and housekeeping activities that can save you precious database space and improve your SAP system performance and overall TCO.

(45 mins)

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