CodeProfiler meets data manager: Virtual Forge and DataVard form an alliance

Heidelberg, 22nd May 2014 – Virtual Forge, an independent supplier of security, compliance and quality products, and DataVard, software and consulting company, team up as partners. With this cooperation, both SAP partners are able to complete their numerously awarded products and services to optimize Business Warehouses. Virtual Forge brings in its proven approach to improve the code, while DataVard focuses on optimizing the data. Companies running SAP applications, that use SAP HANA or are planning to migrate, will benefit from this analysis package, that does not only check the system performance, but also the security and quality of the code, and offers options for the optimization.

DataVard and Virtual Forge have a set goal: to comprehensively support their customers on the way to SAP HANA. “With our cooperation we intend to provide even better support to our customers in bringing out the best in their systems”, Dr. Markus Schumacher, CEO of Virtual Forge, explains. Both partners have many years of experience in the optimization of SAP systems and provide solutions to identify and remove system vulnerabilities. “With Virtual Forge we have found a partner that perfectly complements our range of services in view of SAP HANA”, Gregor Stoeckler, Managing Director of DataVard, states. “We are now able to check entire SAP systems for optimization potential and improve them automatically. Apart from system performance, we focus on both security and quality of the code.”

In the process of the cooperation both partners are lacing up a solution package for the analysis of Business Warehouses, which combines the analyzing tools of both companies. With its BW Fitness Test, DataVard is able to optimize the performance and stability of a company’s SAP landscape and identify impacts of planned SAP projects to come. This tool was nominated in the Gartner “Cool Vendor 2013” report and awarded with the “IT Innovation Prize” by Initiative Mittelstand, combines automated depth analysis with a benchmark of 150 SAP systems, and gives clear recommendations of action. Virtual Forge’s CodeProfiler was also awarded by Gartner as “Cool Vendor” in 2011 and in the “Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing” in 2013, as well as “IT Innovation Prize” by Initiative Mittelstand. This solution checks the security and quality of ABAP codes with help of its patented global data and control flow analysis. The scanning solution can be seamlessly integrated into the developing environment of SAP, and enables an improvement and correction of the code within one mouse click.

In addition to this combined solution package, both partners agreed to hereafter integrate further services into their shared analysis portfolio. As a result of this partnership, combined customer projects and road shows are planned.


More information on planned events:


About DataVard

DataVard is an international provider of SAP solutions for SAP restructuring, data management and system administration. Mostly medium scale companies and large corporations that operate globally, use these solutions and services. DataVard was founded in 1998, and has six branches in Germany, Slovakia, the United States and the United Kingdom.


About Virtual Forge

Virtual Forge is an independent supplier of Security, Compliance and Quality products for SAP systems and applications. We help our SAP customers to automatically identify key risks and correct errors. Beyond we implement preventive measures and obtain the steady control of risks in SAP environments. Among our customers you will find globally leading companies in the field of automotive industry, banks and insurance companies, chemicals and pharmaceutical industry, high-tech and electronic, media and entertainment, consumer products, oil and gas and service programs.


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