Do you want to use SAP data for data science and big data? With our certified interface, you can integrate your SAP systems seamlessly into data lakes and develop innovative applications with AI / ML and IoT in record time.

Our big data integration services:

  • Consultation on the integration of your SAP systems into big data platforms for the development of scalable data science applications
  • Certified integration solution for connecting SAP systems to big data technologies (Hadoop and cloud solutions such as Azure, GCP, AWS)
  • Migration of SAP systems to the cloud (optionally with NZDT to minimize system failures)
  • Implementation of data management with archiving of SAP-ERP and SAP-BW data in the cloud
  • Architecture consulting for the implementation of data lakes based on Hadoop (e.g., Cloudera) and cloud (e.g., Azure).

SAP and big data – a perfect match

With big data, you have a powerful tool at your disposal to make your processes leaner, smarter, and more efficient. The possibilities range from pure data analysis for a better understanding of your processes to the automation of complete process chains using learning algorithms (machine learning).

To realize the full potential of big data for your company, you need to overcome your existing data silos and integrate business-critical IT systems with your big data platform via suitable interfaces.

Your SAP systems are of particular importance here. They map your financial and logistic processes and thus contain an enormous “data treasure,” which is incredibly valuable for big data analyses. In addition, you can transfer data from data lakes to SAP for further processing and automate processes that were previously performed manually.

Once you have integrated your big data and SAP landscape, many interesting applications can be developed.

Examples of big data applications:

  • Implementation of a uniform view of your customers throughout the entire company (“Customer 360”)
  • Predictive maintenance based on SAP CO (Controlling), AA (Asset Accounting) and PM (Plant Maintenance)
  • Fraud detection/fraud management
  • Clickstream integration with SAP CRM
  • Risk modeling
  • Implementation of a recommendation engine for personalized product recommendations integrated with the SAP MM module
  • Point of sale transaction analysis
  • Trade monitoring
  • Blockchain integration in SAP processes

With our technology, we enable you to implement these and other scenarios into your SAP and big data landscape efficiently and cost-effectively.

We have selected some particularly interesting application examples from our extensive library of demo scenarios for you and present them in more detail below.

Central customer cockpit

Big data can help you better understand your customers and target sales activities to your best customers. To do this, however, you need a uniform and complete view of all customer data. But in practice, customer-relevant data is usually scattered across many systems that do not communicate with each other.

You can solve this problem by consolidating all customer-related transactions and master data in one data lake. For example, your SAP systems can provide data on sales, pricing conditions, payment history, and returns. Your CRM and call center applications, in turn, deliver information on support requests or complaints from your customers. Using a data lake, you can evaluate this data in a consolidated form, aggregate it and present it as KPIs in a dashboard for your employees.

Predictive maintenance

Unplanned breakdowns of machines, vehicles, or other equipment disrupt the operating process and cause major additional costs. Predictive maintenance can help you avoid such failures.

You can set up predictive maintenance with the following steps. First, set up a transfer path to be able to transfer current sensor data from machines or components under consideration to a data lake. Next, machine learning algorithms are set up and trained. You can recognize an imminent component failure at an early stage based on suspicious patterns in the sensor data. If a component threatens to fail, a maintenance order can be created automatically in SAP to initiate maintenance tasks. The repair can now be planned, and more considerable damage due to an unexpected total failure is avoided.

How to integrate your SAP systems with Big Data

With our Datavard GlueTM software solution, we offer certified middleware for integrating your SAP systems with Big Data and cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Cloudera, and Google BigQuery. Thanks to the bidirectional SAP interface, you can transfer SAP data securely and conveniently to other platforms (such as data lakes), or load data from non-SAP systems into your SAP landscape.

The core of Datavard GlueTM is the Business Process Library (BPL). It allows your users to choose the data they need from a repository of hundreds of SAP data objects and can easily define exciting big data integration scenarios.

To ensure that your employees can quickly find their way around the Business Process Library, we have designed the user interface to be particularly straightforward. It can be easily used by users without SAP experience.

Advantages of Datavard GlueTM:

  • Turn your SAP systems into data sources for data lakes
  • Comprehensive object library: The Business Process Library gives your data scientists convenient access to hundreds of SAP data objects
  • Rapid prototyping of innovative big data and data science applications based on SAP data (also for users without SAP experience)
  • Simple user interface and mapping of technical SAP field names into generally understandable terms
  • Delta extraction and fast data provisioning in batch mode as well as for streaming with near real-time data extraction
  • Numerous storage technologies: over 20 databases and technologies are supported, including Google Cloud Platform (BigQuery), Microsoft Azure, Hadoop, Spark, Hive and classic RDBMS databases such as Oracle, DB/2, MSS
  • Certified by SAP, Cloudera, and Microsoft

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