SAP Data Lifecycle Management with Datavard

Is your SAP HANA memory reaching its limit, and your systems are becoming increasingly slow? With our data management tools, you can reclaim the performance you are used to and keep your storage costs under long-term control – all in an automated manner.

Our services for SAP Data Lifecycle Management:

  • Coaching for SAP data archiving, and independent consulting on selecting a suitable archiving strategy for your SAP systems (BW, ERP, CRM, SRM, BW/4HANA
  • Tool-supported & patented analysis of your data usage to separate essential from non-essential data.
  • Implementation of a multi-level storage strategy (data tiering) for your data by following predefined rules (this is legal retention periods) and level of use
  • Secure and automated data archiving in cost-effective cloud as well as on-premise storages via our award-winning data management suite OutBoard™
  • Implementation of a Nearline Storage (NLS, SDA+ or DTO (BW/4HANA)) for your SAP BW systems for flexible and cost-optimized outsourcing of cold and warm BW data. For ERP we also support ADK.
  • Tool-supported housekeeping of your SAP systems through regular cleansing and deletion of no longer required system data.

I keep trying to lose data ... but it keeps finding me!

Gregor Stoeckler

Hot or cold – how do you rate your data?

Your path to lower costs and better system performance begins with a thorough analysis of your current SAP data and system usage.

Using a patented analysis in Datavard Insights™, we determine the value of each piece of data for your business and create four categories:

  • Hot data: Business-critical data that is used intensively in evaluations and processes. This data must be readily available and instantly accessible.
  • Warm data: Less business-critical and infrequently used data, which usually does not have to be retrievable within milliseconds. To reduce your storage costs, this can be outsourced to cheaper storage that still ensures your data is available, albeit a bit slower than your hot data .
  • Cold data: Never used in day-to-day business transactions, typically closed items which need to be retained due to legal regulations.
  • Dead data: Old, no longer needed, or temporary data such as log files which are automatically deleted.

By consistently and automatically classifying your data into these categories, you can increase the performance of essential data and save valuable storage space (often up to 40%).

With help from Datavard, we were able to reduce a two-week downtime to 4 days; manual post processing was completely eliminated. On top of that, we saved storage space costs of €100,000.

Stefan Piehler, Teva

We were able to archive 120 of the largest BW objects with Datavard OutBoard and achieved a compression rate of 91% of archived data. We were impressed by the results.

Sascha Ohms, KION Group IT

We explored multiple options, but Datavard most closely matched our functional requirements and their solution was most cost effective.

Roderik Vrijmoed, Technical Service Manager, PostNL

With Fitness Test we were able to achieve considerable improvements with a minimal investment of time and, on top of that, build up knowhow for intelligent data management.

Reinhold Haibel, Allgäuer Überlandwerk

Thanks to Datavard OutBoard, we are perfectly prepared for SAP HANA. The system was reduced by 25% and the query response has improved significantly. This has accelerated the flow of information for business decisions.

Radeck Ladecky, SKODA AUTO

Datavard has helped us to lay the foundation for the use of new technologies that support our business.

Phillip Laycock, SAP BI Consultant, bam

At Axxiome, we have been successfully reselling several Datavard products to our customers, with the benefit of complementing and optimizing data transformation. In terms of implementation, I had the chance to work with very skilled Datavard consultants, committed to ensuring customer success

Marc Triginer, Solution Architect, Axxiome

Datavard has helped us to set up a data management strategy that is tailored to our needs and to optimize BW performance by a factor of 15.

Kai Waldner, Stutgart Airport GmbH

We chose Datavard because we were impressed with the ability of its Datavard Outboard and Datavard FitnessTest products to analyze SAP systems from many aspects.

K. Jak, Technical Service Manager, CJ Express

With the help of Datavard OutBoard we were able to reduce the system size by >30% in the initial wave of archiving.

Jens Gräf

With Datavard's support, we have gained 3-4 years of time for a memory expansion, and we have been spared the purchase of another HANA box for the time.

Heiko Hafenmaier, Manager BI and Data Warehouse

We’re excited about this partnership as Datavard brings years of SAP and big data experience to customers on Google Cloud. Datavard’s success with large enterprise customers’ data and transformation journeys is a natural fit with Google Cloud customers looking to get more out of their SAP data while building a data warehouse and analytics strategy around BigQuery.


At Datavard, technical support is very direct and personal. Instead of going through different levels of support, we always had direct contact with the person responsible. We never had to wait more than 24 hours for an answer and our expectations have always been met. The cooperation was extremely satisfactory.

Dr. Ullrich Kessler, Senior IT Project Manager, Shell

Datavard is a key partner for DXC and an integral part of our Intelligent Migration Framework. Our team likes the high level of engagement and the seamless working style that focuses on customer success. Our customers love the rapid results and quick time to value.

Doug Whiting, Partner Global SAP Practice, DXC

Datavard OutBoard is a highly innovative solution precisely addressing the customer's needs. Very recommendable.

Dominik Ruf

I was most impressed by Datavard’s FitnessTest. The solution offers a detailed analysis of your system data, saving us time and simplifies the preparation of archiving and data cleansing processes. With the help of the FitnessTest, we were able to reduce our data volume by up to 20%.

Danijela Kalmeta, Croatia Airlines

Datavard FitnessTest fulfilled our expectations completely. We especially appreciated the detailed, actionable recommendations.

Christoph Giefers, STIEBEL ELTRON

The cutover with Datavard went amazingly well and the customer described it as a flawless execution.  The Datavard team has far exceeded our expectations.  The project had ZERO data defects in production and was delivered 6 hours ahead of schedule.

Accenture Project Team (Oil & Gas Company Project), Accenture

Intelligent data archiving for SAP BW and ERP

Data growth remains IT's biggest challenge. (Data growth is the biggest data center hardware infrastructure challenge for large enterprises. 47% of participants in a survey conducted over the summer ranked data growth in their top three challenges)


Do you want to keep all your data accessible and control your data growth while slowing down storage costs? We can offer you an intelligent solution with our OutBoard tool.

Our OutBoard™ DataTiering solution enables you to automatically implement a multi-level data tiering strategy for your SAP systems according to predefined rules (e.g., legal retention periods) and/or the level of utilization. OutBoard™ is installed on the SAP system that is the source for offloading/archiving via SAP TMS and we support the integration with over 20 storages – both on premise and cloud. This enables customers to choose a more cost-efficient target storage (for example, one that is already being used). Access remains unrestricted via certified SAP interfaces.

Through the consistent and automated management of your data, you increase the performance of essential data and save valuable storage space.

Outboard Datatiering in BW

Outboard DataTiering

Advantages of OutBoard™ DataTiering:

  • Outsource cold and warm SAP data to cheaper storage solutions (e.g., cloud)
  • Depending on how and to where you archive or decommission you can store it all on a data lake and have combined reporting
  • Covers all types of data: analytical and transactional data, documents, temporary data
  • Over 20 storage technologies are connected
  • Full SAP integration. All data remains accessible via certified SAP interfaces (e.g., ADK, ArchiveLink, Nearline Storage, SDA and DTO)
  • Analytical data can still be changed in the archive. (BW only)
  • Full control: You decide which data should be outsourced or remain in the online database
  • Storage rules can be managed by your team through a simple user interface
  • Rapid ROI: Your investment pays for itself after 12-18 months due to the reduction of your storage costs

SAP system housekeeping

Each SAP transaction generates temporary and technical data that is stored in your expensive systems and further replicated. This slows down your system performance and drives up your operating costs. Tame your memory-hungry SAP systems and free memory through regular housekeeping.

With a combination of Housekeeping and Archiving we can reduce typically systems by 40%

Martin Zlaty

Our solution, OutBoard™ HouseKeeping, supports automated housekeeping from one, central point in your SAP system and helps you to keep your SAP systems lean and clean. Temporary data is either deleted or highly compressed and stored in a special “recycle bin” – similar to the Windows Recycle Bin. The unnecessary data ballast no longer occupies expensive memory, and your database is no longer slowed down by worthless data.

Advantages of OutBoard™ HouseKeeping:

  • Centralized SAP system housekeeping management even for complex SAP system landscapes (including task planning, documentation, scheduling, and monitoring)
  • Preconfigured and regularly updated housekeeping rules for cleansing your entire SAP system landscape (BW, ERP, CRM, SRM, BW/4HANA, S/4HANA, etc.)
  • Automation of repetitive and time-consuming administrative tasks reduces your operating costs and the time spent by your employees
  • Innovative recycle bin concept for additional security
  • Quick and easy installation

Decommissioning your legacy systems

Many companies will end up with several legacy systems over the years – systems that are resulting in high costs caused by licenses, hardware and administration and maintenance.

However, simply continuing to operate these legacy systems is not a cost effective solution. Also, approaches, which are popular in practice (e.g., in virtualized systems), often do not meet the applicable auditing standards (e.g., Z1/Z3 access, IDW RS FAIT 3). Or there is a lack of resources that can still operate these old systems.

With OutBoard™ DataFridge, we offer you a framework to migrate the data while considering retention rules and legal hold to a less expensive target storage (in the oud/on premise). DataFridge provides decommissioning functionality that ensures compliance with retention rules, legal hold and other GDPR regulations and ensures that decommissioned data is easily accessible for auditors via a data browser

Like all modules of our Gartner-awarded OutBoard™ Suite, DataFridge is certified by SAP and KPMG. Your data is therefore stored in a legally compliant, cost-effective storage solution and remains accessible to your users in their familiar SAP front-end.

Learn more about decommissioning legacy systems

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