Datavard boosts innovation in a 12-hour Hackathon

The Hackathon day was a busy day at Datavard. Sixteen cross-disciplinary teams had only 12 hours to come up with an innovative idea and develop its demo version ready to be presented to a panel of judges. The topic scope was unlimited and the participants could work on customer-focused solutions or tools that would bring added value to the company.


The Hackathon was a great opportunity for Datavardians from all departments to show their initiative and brainstorm in small groups.  The end-results were presented in short videos – the top six clips were selected to reach the finals, for a presentation in front of the audience. The ideas that made it to the final stage ranged from designing new office spaces, to more technical solutions such as an SAP patching tool or a new GUI for the sales team.


2016-07-14 14.49.49

Work in progress

The winners were announced on the following day – their project was focused on creating a tool for identifying bottlenecks in SAP procurement processes. As a prize for their effort, the winning team can pick any Datavard office location and work there for one week. The rumour has it they will fly to the US to drive their idea further and try some real American burgers.


The winning team at Hackathon 2016

The winning team at Hackathon 2016


We asked Michal Alexa, the Hackahton initiator and organizer, about his thoughts on the event: “Considering that it was the first hackathon in Datavard’s history, I think it was an incredible success! It was amazing to see all Datavardians united by a single cause of innovating our company. I’m pretty sure we will see more of similar events in the future.” – said Michal.


When asked if teams were going to work further on implementing their ideas, Michal explained that there was still a lot to be done:


“Going from a video presentation to a product is difficult path so there’s lot of things to consider. However, it’s quite common to see results of such events in production environment. So I do expect, that several ideas might be pursued further and used to enhance our future portfolio.”  – added Michal.



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