DataVard cited in Gartner’s Evaluate Proven Software Tools to Measure the Effectiveness of Your SAP Systems report

Heidelberg, 30. September 2014 –Software and consulting company DataVard is one of the leading suppliers for usage analysis of SAP systems in the Gartner report „Evaluate Proven Software Tools to Measure the Effectiveness of Your SAP Systems”. The study evaluates DataVard’s software tools for SAP systems, DataVard BW and ERP Fitness Test. These tools are implemented by SAP corporate users to analyse and optimize their SAP landscape and compare them to other systems.

“We feel this recognition as a leading provider of Software Tools for Analyzing the Usage of Live SAP Systems confirms our commitment to bringing our customers’ IT systems to peak form in order to conserve valuable resources,” explains DataVard managing Partner Gregor Stoeckler. Numerous companies are oblivious to the optimization potential efficient data management affords: as a result they waste 20 to 40 percent of their database volume. Thus making it particularly imperative to reduce their system size before migrating to HANA.

DataVard BW / ERP Fitness Test combines an automated in depth analysis based on more than 48 key performance indicators (KPIs) in the areas of data growth, data modelling and system performance utilizing benchmarking of more than 200 SAP systems. Based upon that, the application creates detailed recommendations for action to help companies improve performance and stability of their systems. DataVard BW Fitness Test was recently awarded the IT Innovation Prize by Initiative Mittelstand and was judged to be an innovative solution with a high level of practical relevance for small and midsize enterprises. Its competencies include parallel data analysis for several systems, performance analysis of data loading processes and reporting as well as the review of SAP HANA system sizing.

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About DataVard

DataVard is an international provider of SAP solutions in the areas of SAP restructuring, data management and system administration. Particularly globally active medium sized companies and large corporations use their solutions and services. Founded in 1998, the software and consulting company has branches in Germany, Italy, Slovakia, the US and the UK.


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