DataVard develops archiving solution for SAP Information Lifecycle Management

Heidelberg/Walldorf (Germany), February 26, 2014 – The software and consulting company DataVard GmbH has developed a database-supported archiving solution for the SAP Information Lifecycle Management module. It allows storing data from SAP ERP in a database like SAP IQ. With this solution companies using the Rapid Deployment Solution SAP NetWeaver BW Near-Line Storage can also store analytical data from SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse and archive them together with their operating data in a single storage medium. They can simplify data archiving, streamline their IT infrastructure and reduce data management costs. The latest release of SAP Information Lifecycle Management containing this functionality is available since December 2013 with the SAP NetWeaver versions 7.40 and 7.31.

To date companies had to use intermediate third-party solutions to archive operational data from SAP ERP. With SAP Information Lifecycle Management and SAP IQ SAP customers can now waive those solutions.

Consistent data archiving enables companies to keep their IT infrastructure simple and small. Additionally they can improve performance of their data management. Archived data is more efficiently compressed yet easily accessible and available for reporting. This is especially important for all SAP customers who are subject to statutory reporting obligations, such as those in pharmaceutical and food industries. i.e. in cases of a recall all data related to an affected batch can be retrieved and transferred to the authorized state body.

In addition, the so called WORM-like-technology (write once read many) ensures higher security. This technology allows archiving of digital records as compressed, unmodifiable file and is the prerequisite for international regulations as GDPdU, (principles for data access and verifiability of digital documents), SOX or Basel II.

At the same time it permits the deletion of data after the retention period has expired.

The combination of SAP Information Lifecycle Management and SAP IQ offers user companies a wide range of advantages. They receive an archiving solution for their operating and analytical data from a single source. The consistent solution allows archiving and managing all data in a line-oriented database. By using a single archiving solution companies can save additional software and hardware costs for third-party solutions.

The development partnership of DataVard and SAP AG for the archiving solution of SAP Lifecycle Management originally started in 2013. “We are very pleased to contribute as a development partner of SAP our knowledge in the field of data archiving and to help developing further ILM solutions in the SAP environment”, says DataVard’s managing director Gregor Stoeckler. DataVard plans to further develop the archiving solution together with SAP successively over the next years.


About DataVard

DataVard is an international provider of solutions in the fields of restructuring, data management and system management of SAP solutions. Especially globally operating medium-sized companies and big corporations use DataVard’s solutions and services. The software and consulting company was founded in 1998 and consists of 6 subsidiaries in UK/ Ireland, USA, Germany and Slovakia.


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