Tune up your SAP systems with user insights

Datavard Insights discovers what your SAP users really need. It analyzes and illustrates actual data usage, user behavior and system performance from various perspectives. If you are struggling to understand what your growing SAP user population is doing, Datavard Insights’ Big Data analytics will help you with operations intelligence.

Datavard Insights for SAP BW

Don’t waste time on loading data nobody is using. Get all the statistics you need for performance tuning in a neat, visual package. User behavior statistics and data volume information will help you with data management, reducing data load times, optimizing queries and troubleshooting system bottlenecks. Benefit from the collected data. Build real test cases. Automatize regression testing. Save time and energy.

Datavard Insights for SAP ECC

Visualize user behavior, user engagement and performance of SAP transactions from various perspectives —location, user group, SAP modules, fiscal year, time of day. Combine information from system usage and data distribution and discover the archiving and housekeeping potential for your cold SAP data.


Run cross-system operations intelligence for complete SAP system landscape using SAP Fiori dashboard and detailed information. Get real-time insights with more than 30 KPIs to understand your:

  • Data volume & Distribution
  • Data growth
  • Data management potential
  • Data usage
  • User behavior
  • System performance

Use insights from user behavior data and save time and effort!


Data visualization
powered by SAP Fiori

Insights into data usage
& user experience

Identify inactive
historical data

performance bottlenecks

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