Datavard Transformation Suite (DTS)

The Datavard Transformation Suite is our solution for deploying transformations securely and efficiently. Used by our consultants, partners, and customers, DTS brings together the Datavard knowledge of 20+ years of successfully performed data transformations.

System separation and restructuring

Numerous scenarios for system separation and restructuring of SAP data and landscapes are supported in various project phases:

  • Analysis of the actual situation
  • Modelling and simulation of the target situation
  • Performing the transformation
  • Testing and test automation
  • Scanning and identifying relevant interfaces and customer-specific ABAP programs that need to be adapted
  • Monitoring
  • Optimization of runtimes and NZDT (Near-Zero-Downtime)

The Datavard Transformation Suite enables the deployment of scenarios such as mergers and acquisitions (M&A), system separations (carve-out), merging SAP systems, harmonizing master and transaction data, or changing the SAP organizational structure. Classical examples of such scenarios are the execution of chart of accounts conversions, merging company codes, or the separation of SAP systems in the “Delete Company Code” scenario. In addition to complex scenarios such as merging SAP clients (client merge) and switching to S/4HANA and B/4HANA, DTS naturally also supports the transformation of BW, B/4HANA, native HANA and archive data.

M&A CarveOuts

Advantages of the Datavard approach are:

  • Transformation including historical data
  • Free choice of the date of go-live, which can usually be carried out during the year and not on a key date
  • Avoidance of process interruptions
  • Preserving the reporting
  • Optional minimization of the runtime of a transformation

Both Datavard experts and our partner network used the Datavard Transformation Suite, for which we offer training and a certification program.

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