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Forrester Research Q&A Document ERP Archiving

Rethinking Archiving for Innovation and Cost Efficiency. Following a successful webcast featuring guest speaker Cheryl McKinnon of Forrester Research, Datavard asked Forrester to share key trends and challenges they are witnessing in the archiving market right now, as well as looking at the key drivers for data management today. ...
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E-Book Destination S/4HANA

The target is clear: Destination SAP S/4HANA. But how to start and go to make this transformation a corporate success? Find your own way to SAP S/4HANA with this insightful e-book where we take a look and compare the various options.
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Lift’n’Shift to the Cloud

Designed for large SAP systems, the Lift'n'Shift methodology automates tedious tasks and minimizes downtime.
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Automated solution that will allow you to validate up to 100% of your data in just a few hours.
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Datavard Validate

How you can cut the workload and make sure your reporting data is trustworthy - the solution Datavard Validate.
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Datavard Outboard DataTiering

How you can ensure that you retain access to all important data - no matter where it is stored.
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Datavard OutBoard DataFridge

Learn how you can store your SAP and non-SAP systems and data cost-effectively and legally compliant.
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Datavard Glue

Integrate SAP data with other data sources using Datavard Glue.
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