Meet us at Sapphire now 07-09 May, 2019 at the SUSE booth #2246

We all know that SAP HANA will improve the speed of applications, business processes and the overall user experience. But how can the move be prepared properly and executed seamlessly? We are looking forward to talking to you about your challenges coming with the transformation and how we can help you along the way with our smart software solutions and hands-on consulting services.


When stopping by, don´t forget to grab your pair of DATAVARD socks!

Join into Gerd´s Session at the SUSE booth:
Five things to consider when moving to S/4HANA

Wednesday, May 8, 2:30 – 3:00 p.m.

Its´always good to hear how other´s have done it. So make sure you don´t miss our Gerd Hagmaier with his presentation at the the SUSE booth #2246 and learn more about building your strategy for a smooth transition and leveraging innovative data management.


Wednesday, May 8, 4:30 – 7:00 p.m.

Tired after a long day at the conference? Take some time to relax and unwind – join us for fancy cocktails, yummy snacks and some great networking! In case you´d like to join please feel free to contact our Drew Anderson for details and registration.

SAP S/4HANA Success in 60 Minutes Breakfast Buffet

Thursday, May 09, 7:30 – 8:30 a.m.
You might have also heard about this breakfast buffet where DATAVARD, NATUVION, SNP, CBS, SAP will present 5-minute sessions on
Tricks for Simplifying your S/4HANA Transformation.

Sounds interesting?  Contact Petra Pirron for details and join us there!

In case you can´t make it to Sapphire this year, you might want to join into one of our upcoming Webinars. With more than 20 years of experince in SAP M&A and Landscape Transformation projects we sure have some interesting insights to share with you:

As your business grows, your system landscape also grows due to new applications, expansion to other regions or new systems from an acquisition. For such fragmented systems, there’s significant potential for optimization. Register for our webinar to learn about pre-requisites and data harmonization for M&A scenarios.

Changes in your System Landscape can have many reasons. And also entail changes in business requirements that can include legal changes, re-organizations, and remodeling of your entire landscape.Register for our webinar to make learn how to minimize impact on the business, the diffrent approaches and how to integrate historical data.

Are you already preparing your systems for the move? Dealing with legacy SAP data is one of the crucial things at this time. But we have a solution for this, too: Register for our webinar-replay and see how our new Outboard DataFridge can help: