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Are you a part of the transformation trends of 2020 and beyond?

  • Planning migration to S/4 HANA
  • Moving to the cloud. Looking for the right Hyperscaler to fit your requirements
  • Rejuvenating your Analytics
  • Anxious about Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Concerned about out-times and disruptions and how to best handle it

Start your SAP Transformation move now

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(1) Keynote by Gregor Stoeckler (Datavard, CEO) – Talks about Vision SAP transformation

(2) Interview of Gregor with the regional heads – Ulf Spies (APJ), Thomas Fundneider (EMEA) and Tim White (Americas) to understand the trends in S/4 HANA move across the globe

(3) Partner talk: Accenture take on S/4 HANA move

(4) Choose the colour which best suits your organization – What’s your colour (Greenfield, Brownfield or Selective? – By Ulf Spies

(5) From Carve-Out to S/4: How to complete every transformation successfully by Goetz Lessmann (Datavard’s CTO) & Interview with Saargummi and Syntax

(6) Expert chat about an ongoing S/4 Hana move project

(7) Session on Lift ‘n’ Shift to the cloud by Martin Zlaty

Watch the on-demand recordings


  • Keynote by Datavard CEO Gregor Stöckler
  • Customer reference stories and use cases
  • Partner insights into projects
  • System transformation move
  • Cloud migrations Lift`n`Shift with no worries in NZDT
  • Breakout sessions, info booths and Q&A for burning questions and technical deep-dives


On the move to …Your SAP Transformation and towards a new reality

Discussion Panel: S/4HANA transformation trends globally

Datavard CEO Gregor Stoeckler welcomes Managing Directors from different regions to talk about S/4HANA trends. They will cover different customer needs, considerations and plans for transforming their SAP systems. You will have the chance to learn how others are approaching S/4HANA migrations and what are the potential pitfalls and opportunities on their way. You will also hear what role the Cloud plays in S/4HANA migration projects.

Tim White

Managing Director VP Professional Services

Thomas Fundneider

Managing Director VP Sales EMEA

Session 1: Driving Business Innovation

We speak with our global partner about how we help customers manage their transformation challenges, provide insights into joint projects and show you options how you can gain time until you actually start the big move.

Petra Pirron

Global Vice President Marketing & Partner Business at Datavard


Session 2: Transformation – What’s your Colour? (Green, Brown, Selective..)
Which is the approach that best fits my situation? What are the options and how can automation speed up the project? Learn all about the possibilities for your Transformation project with the Datavard Transformation Suite and it´s smart modules to master every challenge.

Session 3: From carve-out to S/4HANA – successful approach to holistic transformations

How we guide our customers through various transformation projects with the Datavard Transformation Suite and our proven project methology.  We will look into different customer cases ranging from system carve-outs, harmonizations, to S/4HANA upgrades. Also, we share some insights into ongoing projects with our Partner Syntax and our Customers Saargummi and DM.



Session 4: Lift´n Shift to the cloud with no worries

When going to the cloud is as easy as 1,2,3! Join this session to see how we move SAP systems into the cloud, in the most flexible and elegant way. Martin Zlaty will be presenting our hard offer package for cloud migrations.

Martin Zlaty

VP Data Management & Transformation

Info-Booths and Break-Out Sessions

Topic: Lift´n´shift to the Cloud in NDZT with no worries

Speaker: Martin Zlaty, VP Data Management & Transformation

Visit our Info booth and learn more about your options for Lift´n´Shift  Migration to the cloud (of your preferred hyperscaler(s)). Get your special offer and free demo here.

Topic: Step 1: Analyze. Step 2: Simulate. How to approach SAP transformation projects.

Speaker: Ben MacDermott, Program Manager

Jump start your transformation project! In this session we will show you how to identify key factors that influence your project and simulate project milestones.

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