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When too much data is too much: effective data management strategies for your SAP landscape

Your SAP landscape is the home of your data. And it often gets cluttered. Too much low quality data not only slows down your system performance, but also impacts your reporting. Not to mention the rising storage costs – so why pay for storing data you might never need? Fortunately, solving the data quality issue requires just a few steps, and brings immediate return on investment.

During our event where we talked about the most effective strategies for data management, data housekeeping, data archiving and system decommissioning. We had a look into real-life projects, shared best practices and showcased how our smart tools can help you with data management tasks.


— Data Detox — Automated Housekeeping — curb your data growth and cut storage costs  — Data Archiving – Data Decommissioning — OpentText migration — legacy data — legal hold — cloud support for archiving and data decommissioning — project insights — hard offers — product demos —

4:00 pm CET


Dark side and bright side of data

Data is essential for innovation. But, it is also a cost driver – Datavard CEO will talk about how to find the right balance in the data-driven world.

4:30 pm CET

How to manage data growth and reduce TCO through archiving, offloading and housekeeping

Alex Williams

VP Sales & Channel, US, Canada and Latin America

Paul Baker

Enterprise Data Architect at Kennametal

5:00 pm CET

Data hygiene & data detox with OutBoard DataTiering

Keith will look into different projects and use cases showing the possibilities of the OutBoard Suite. Join this session to see how much you can save with proper data management!

Keith Jardine

Senior SAP Solution Consultant

5:30 pm CET

Most useful tips for your data lifecycle strategy

Learn about Datavard Outboard Suite and how it creates a customized strategy based on organizational needs. Tara will be giving an overview of how using one or all three products of the Datavard Suite reduces data growth, resulting in better system performance and lower maintenance and storage costs.

Tara Callaghan

Product Manager, Datavard

5:30 pm CET

How to decommission legacy systems when you move to S/4HANA?

Learn more about our tool-supported procedure for the cost-effective and legally compliant storage of your SAP and non-SAP systems and data – without the need for additional hardware.

Tara Callaghan

Product Manager, Datavard