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about unplanned SAP system performance and downtime issues.

Have you ever been in the situation where you’re going about your daily work and then all of sudden your inbox is full and with in seconds your phone starts to ring, it’s senior management asking why end users can’t work on the system?

Yep it’s already escalated, and you need answers fast, because now it’s up to you to find out the cause and fix it.


Needle in the haystack

The cause can occur anywhere throughout the various hardware and software layers that make up your local and global SAP system landscape.  Pinpointing the root cause is not always so straightforward. Even when resolved, there is also the chance that this may be an ongoing situation, which requires further monitoring so the situation doesn’t repeat itself, creating additional workload.


Sounds familiar

For some of our customers this was the case, their teams were under severe time pressure to locate and resolve the issues that were preventing end users from completing their daily tasks and  having an impact on business operations. There were some situations when using certain processes created issues that kept recurring. As a result, effort was spent to manually monitor the system and providing regular status reports until management were satisfied the problem would not reoccur or a permanent resolution was found.


Our Solution

If you want to know more we are holding a webinar where we run through some of our customer scenarios, where being able to monitoring their system has benefited in way that they have been using the information gathered to take proactive measures to manage their system resources and improve system performance, for example improving ETL runtimes by 64%.

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