How is Data Part of Building an Intelligent Enterprise?

The big buzz at SAP TechEd this week in Las Vegas has been the Intelligent Enterprise and how to get the most value from your data is certainly a core pillar of that strategy. As Bernd Leukert, member of the Executive Board of SAP SE for Products and Innovation so eloquently stated, “Successfully applying intelligence to business processes will define the winners and losers”.

At DATAVARD, we couldn’t agree more. We’ve been an SAP partner for almost 20 years and understand how much data is at the center of the journey to building a more Intelligent Enterprise. In fact, this week, we’ve been showcasing some of our top customer success stories from around the globe and the best practices they’ve used along the way to transform their businesses.

Whether it’s reducing TCO for data storage or usage, value-based data tiering or leveraging new technologies, DATAVARD has helped over 800 customers turn their data into competitive assets.  For example, many companies know they will have to migrate to SAP S/4HANA or SAP BW/4HANA but they also know that there’s normally a lot of work needed upfront to get prepared and they can’t have any downtime during the transition. Thankfully, DATAVARD has the innovative tools to deliver an end-to-end system assessment, run test cycles and ensure the process is smooth with no surprises along the way.

Speaking of surprises – we’re actually all for surprises but just not around data!  DATAVARD has sponsored the Diane Davis Memorial 5K Fun Run for many years and this year we gave out some pretty cool socks as a token of our appreciation for those that showed up to sweat it out with us.  A big thank you to all participants!

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