Security and Compliance for Important Data Has Never Been a Sure Thing


Even today in the digital age, security breaches are as common as ever with threats like hackers, ineffective firewalls, data leaks, human or system error, and more.

I suppose before important documents and data were trusted within your SAP® System Landscape, there were rooms and jobs devoted to keeping financials, HR information, operational data, classified documents and more, secure and in order.


Regardless, I can’t help but wonder about the “big data” lost throughout history. When data took up actual space and not stored by megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes, etc.


Here are a few examples in history that could’ve been avoided with better security and compliance (…if they operated on an SAP® System)


            1.         THE LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA


Ancient_Library of Alexandria_Datavard_SAP_SEcurity_and_Compliance

Ancient Library of Alexandria

They say the Library of Alexandria was one of the most momentous libraries ever in existence. Tyrant Julius Caesar, was responsible for its destruction in 48 BC, burning the secrets and knowledge of the ancient world.


For a moment, let’s pretend  the Library of Alexandria was advanced enough to  archive data and records digitally. Pretend part of your job was to keep these records safe and protected. Would you trust your firewalls?



            2.         WATERGATE



Watergate Complex


If the Watergate Scandal happened in 2016, and not in the 1970’s, we’d call this a hacker attack. The Watergate Scandal may be a slippery slope, with foggy facts and secret cover-ups, but in 1972, Richard Nixon was allegedly involved in attempting to steal documents, and trying to bug the Democratic National Committee Headquarters.


Imagine the DNC ran an SAP® system for storing important data, and they received real-time system alerts the moment their system had a potential threat. Perhaps Nixon would have finished out his days in the White House.


However, not even the President of the United States has the right to important, classified information. Any breach of that is considered a hacker attack. Your company’s back-end data and documents are everything. Keep them safe!




Nikola Tesla_Datavard_SAP_Security_and_Compliance

Nikola Tesla


Nikola Tesla was arguably one of the most influential science minds to ever live. I don’t think he gets the credit he deserves, most likely because after his death in 1943, all of his life’s work and research suddenly disappeared.


Of course conspiracy theories suggest that the FBI knows where Tesla’s research is. Whether the brilliant work was stolen, or lost to human error; no one really knows for sure.


If Tesla kept his invaluable data stored within a secure SAP® system, maybe it’d be more easily found with a data recovery and backup strategy warnings


Always Be Ready With the Best SAP® Security Practices


Sure, your company’s documents and data may not be holding ancient knowledge, or profound science secrets. However, your company’s documents and data hold your entire organization together.


Pay attention to how to effectively measure, manage, and monitor your system. Pay attention to how it’s being stored, and any potential threats that could wreak havoc on your SAP® System.


Keep your data unharmed with the best possible security and compliance practices for your SAP® Landscape!


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