#Innovathon – how to get innovation done in less than 10 hours

innovation at datavard innovathon

If you happened to be in a hotel in Brno, Czechia last week, you might have noticed groups of people huddled over laptops, debating fiercely on some obscure topic. To be sure it was no coincidence that nearly 200 people chose to camp at every free table rather than chill out and enjoy the sunny weather.

The scene came about because Datavard was in Brno for the second installment of what we’re calling Innovathon – a coding marathon intended to boost innovation. Needless to say, everyone from the CEO on down was pleased with the response. Every team did a great job coming up with an innovative idea, coding a demo and presenting it in a 2-minute video. All that in less than 10 hours!

As with most coding events, this one was evaluated by a jury of peers. For this one, the jury struggled to select the best projects, as each demonstrated considerable quality while also focusing on different areas. The topics ranged from in-house apps for making employees’ life easier and more fun, to tools that after some tuning would be market ready. The deliberations lasted late into the night. Finally, the judges came to the conclusion that they couldn’t stick to the original plan of promoting six projects to the semi-finals and had to choose seven instead.

In the final round, teams presented their ideas to an audience comprised of event attendees. Ultimately, the “StarVards” team got the loudest applause, landing themselves first place and a voucher for some high-tech gear.  The team’s winning effort involved a new concept for marketing Datavard’s services:

“We wanted to boost Datavard’s visibility on the market and find out a way to explain our complex solutions in an easy and playful manner. We’ve managed to design a completely new approach that should engage our audience and bring some more fun into it” – says Andrea Pusceddu, member of the winning team.

Shortly after announcing the final results, it was party time. After all, it’s not often that you get to meet colleagues from across the globe and chat with them face to face rather than over a video call. And the rest? Let’s put it this way: what happens in Brno stays in Brno.

developer coding at innovathon at datavard

Which developer wouldn’t love such a feedback session? 😉

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