IT guys Running 345 km from tatras to danube

Last weekend 12 fastest Datavardians competed in a killing relay race starting on Saturday morning in the Tatras mountains and finishing on Sunday afternoon on the banks of the river Danube in Bratislava, covering the total distance of 345 km. With no time to rest properly, each participant had to run three approx. 10 km-long sections of various difficulty, some of them sharply uphill.



While one of the runners was competing to achieve the best time, the team got in the cars and drove to the next handover point. With proper logistics, team members could get 2-3 h sleep during a stopover.


Datavard’s team finished the race in the amazing time of 27 hours 32 minutes, which gave them 22nd place out of 190 teams at the finish.

datavard team captain from tatras to danube race

Martin Krivicka, captain of the Datavard team

I asked Martin Krivicka, the Datavard team’s captain, how they prepared for the race:


We arranged weekly group trainings where we did some uphill runs to prepare ourselves for the hardest part of the race. As a captain, I also had to deal with the logistics of the event –registration, renting cars, getting all the necessary equipment, assigning running sections to each runner…


And what was the biggest challenge?


To complete the race without injuries. We were all exhausted, but we knew each one of us had to run their part for the team’s success – in the end, it was all about keeping the team’s spirit.


You’ve made 345 km in 27 hours 32 minutes. Are you satisfied with the team’s result?


I’m really proud of them! We’ve been running every year since the beginning of this event back in 2013, and this is our best time so far.


So are you planning to run again next year?


Definitely. Now we have more and more volunteers, and I’m keen to take them on board. This year, we had 4 new faces and they all proved very good runners.


datavard team running from tatras to danube race

Datavard’s dream team

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