A tailor-made service package for your system

Running a complex system landscape on your own requires a lot of know-how and time. Only in this way can unplanned system failures and time-consuming corrective measures be avoided. But often there is simply a lack of the necessary capacity for conscientious system support.

A good solution are our Managed Services, which can be tailored to your needs and the needs of your complex IT environment to keep your business flexible. In addition to software support services, we can also take over the technical support and monitoring of your SAP systems for you – even in 24/7 operation if required.

Thanks to our worldwide presence with currently two service centers in Bratislava and Singapore (Buenos Aires in preparation), we offer you professional and personal support with fast response times.

Your Benefits

Full cost control

With Datavard’s Managed Services, you can always plan your operating costs precisely. You can rely 100 percent on our well-thought-out processes, so that cooperation runs smoothly at all levels. This also includes fast and clear communication as one of Datavard’s strengths.

Individual services

Book our Managed Services precisely as it suits your requirements: time, availability, systems, functions, remote or on-site, long or short term – everything is possible. We would be happy to provide you with an individual offer.

Fast onboarding

With Datavard, after a short time, you can no longer distinguish whether you are working with an internal or external employee. Datavard’s proven onboarding methodology ensures record times between launch and full service. You quickly receive stable, cost-effective services and benefit from a continuous improvement program.

Top performance at all times

Our experts are passionate about their work and always keep an eye on innovations. This way, you can learn about innovations in the fast-moving SAP market. We also proactively propose solutions to further optimize your systems and business processes.

Real relief

Datavard brings extensive expertise in functions and technologies. You get scalable and flexible SAP application support and can focus your resources on more important tasks. At the same time, you minimize the internal costs of your IT operations.

Well-founded expertise

With Datavard, you can rely on over 20 years of experience in building and operating SAP landscapes combined with a healthy dose of pragmatism. We see ourselves as your partner and always strive to make even the impossible possible for you.

Tools with added value

Datavard tools guarantee effective and structured managed services for SAP applications and data science. Datavard Insights™ analyses data streams, user behavior and system performance, enabling you to optimize your system resources. With Datavard Outboard Housekeeping, you can automate your housekeeping and save valuable time. Datavard Validate allows you to test updates or performance optimizations automatically

Personal support

Datavard always puts its heart and soul into its work: proximity and a good personal relationship are as important to us as the tools that will help your project achieve the greatest possible success. To make sure that communication works, you always have a Datavard expert who speaks your language.

Our Managed Services

SAP Basis OperationSAP application and module managementTicketing supportIntelligent data management

To ensure that your systems run reliably, you will receive systems tailored to your requirements::

  • Basic resource that is scalable - on-site or remote.
  • Installation, updating, patching, administration, security and compliance, housing of the entire system landscape.
  • You receive the services ad hoc or as a complete package.

Have your SAP applications and modules professionally managed:

  • You can have all or selected SAP solutions managed
  • Flexible on-demand solutions to make improvements and modifications as required.
  • Assistance with financial statements (annual, quarterly, monthly).
  • Continuous improvement program for each customer.
  • Application archiving and governance as a service.

We integrate user support for both areas on request:

  • Extends your internal 24/7 IT support.
  • Uses existing systems such as SAP Solution Manager and ticket systems.
  • Can be performed remotely and on-site.

Manage and evaluate SAP data:

  • Manage data centrally.
  • Gain valuable insights through data mining and machine learning.
  • Costs for your SAP data always optimized
  • Quickly and easily integrate SAP data into data lakes or open-source
  • Data management on autopilot

We offer clearly defined support levels for all service areas. Choose between silver, gold, and platinum, and get the support you and your team need.
Also included in all areas is continuous monitoring of all relevant KPIs using our proven Datavard tools to keep your projects on track.

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