Managed Services

Managed Services

Onsite and Remote Support for SAP Systems

Maintaining your SAP infrastructure is tedious and time consuming, draining on your key resources that could otherwise be invested into strategic projects. Unplanned downtimes, repetitive tickets and last-minute fixes slow down your team and add to the total cost of ownership. With managed services, you can cut expenses (and the source of frustration) by entrusting your systems and day-to-day work to the hands of experts who are there for you 24/7.

Your Benefits

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    Your operational costs will lower and become more predictable, while your internal teams have more time to focus on the core business and strategic projects.

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    We take our work seriously, we not only triage incoming tickets, but we analyze and resolve the root cause of problems.

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    After a short time you can no longer tell whether a resource is internal or external. DATAVARD’s proven onboarding methodology ensures record times between start and full service. You quickly receive stable and profitable services and benefit from a continuous improvement program.

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    Our tools guarantee effective and structured Managed Services around SAP applications, but also for Data Science. Datavard Insights analyzes data streams, user behavior and system performance so that you can optimize them in a targeted manner. With Datavard Outboard Housekeeping you automate housekeeping and save valuable time. Datavard Validate ensures that you automatically test updates or performance optimizations.

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    We adapt to your needs – whether you need remote or on-site support, 24/7 service or assistance during business hours only, we offer clear consistent pricing over the life of the contract.

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    We are experts with over 20 years of experience in SAP landscapes, but we are also great partners to work with thanks to our hands-on attitude and human approach.

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    We make the end user happy (and more productive) thanks to our fast reaction time and efficiency when resolving issues.

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    If there is an impossible task, we have the right people in our team to handle it. We take pride in our expert knowledge and we never slow down on our learning curve.

Managed Services by DATAVARD

SAP Basis

SAP application and module management

Ticketing Support

Intelligent Data Management

To ensure that your systems run reliably, you receive tailored to your requirements: Have your SAP applications and modules professionally managed: We can integrate user support into both areas on request: Manage and evaluate SAP data:
  • Basic resource that is scalable - on-site or remote.
  • Installation, updating, patching, administration, security and compliance, housing of the entire system landscape.
  • You receive the services ad hoc or as a complete package.
  • Manage all or selected SAP solutions.
  • Flexible on-demand solutions to deliver on-demand improvements and modifications.
  • Closing support (year, quarter, month).
  • Continuous improvement program for each customer.
  • Application archiving and governance as a service.
  • It extends your internal 24/7 IT support.
  • It uses existing systems such as SAP Solution Manager and ticket systems.
  • It can be performed remotely or on-site.
  • Manage data centrally.
  • Gain valuable insights through data mining and machine learning.
  • Always optimized costs for your SAP data.
  • Quickly and easily integrate SAP data into Data Lakes or Open Source
  • Data management on autopilot

For all Service areas we offer clearly defined levels. Just choose from silver, gold and platinum and get the support you need to the extent required by you and your team.
What is also is in it for you is a constant monitoring of the relevant KPI´s using our proven DATAVARD tools, so we make sure projects stay on track.

  • “Our proven methods can be tailored to meet customer-specific needs
    and enable us to deloiver stable and profitable services very quickly.”

    Tim White, Project Management Officer US & Managing Director USA DATAVARD

You would like to learn more about our Managed Services offerings and your options?

Just contact us, we are here to help

Tim White
Project Management Officer US & Managing Director USA
Dirk Biehler
Managed Service Manager for EMEA