Datavard Glue for SAP and Big Data Integration Now Available for Google Cloud Platform

Datavard is taking part in the Google’s Cloud Acceleration Program, aimed to support SAP user companies and make their journey to the cloud a success.

Datavard Glue is a robust solution that helps move data efficiently from SAP to BigQuery enabling AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics. It also can be used for SAP data archiving and decommissioning purposes. With Datavard Glue, we streamline and simplify migration of SAP to the cloud.

Together, Datavard and Google simplify your journey to the cloud

The evolution of data has created a new lens on how data is viewed within the business and technology space. Today, Big Data analytics is one of the pillars of a customer-centric organization who relies on quick, agile decisions to stay competitive. Companies running on SAP are looking into integrating Google BigQuery and need a trusted enterprise-grade solution to house their SAP data.

Datavard Glue fuels your enterprise with simple SAP data integration to drive innovative business intelligence. This robust solution enables you to extract data from SAP systems including ECC, S/4 and BW into BigQuery as the target data warehouse. Thanks to it, businesses can aggregate data from SAP and non-SAP systems into a centralized, highly scalable data warehouse and take advantage of Google Cloud’s smart analytics and machine learning services The combination of Google Cloud allows for monitoring and control, privacy and transparency with the addition of layered infrastructure.

We are thrilled that Datavard Glue is recognized by Google as the go-to solution when integrating SAP data with Google Cloud. We believe that customers will benefit immensely on their digital journey by unlocking the full potential of their data.

Gregor Stoeckler
CEO Datavard

Google Cloud about Datavard Partnership:

We’re excited about this partnership as Datavard brings years of SAP and big data experience to customers on Google Cloud. Datavard’s success with large enterprise customers’ data and transformation journeys is a natural fit with Google Cloud customers looking to get more out of their SAP data while building a data warehouse and analytics strategy around BigQuery. The broad support of SAP applications, through native SAP deployment and context awareness of SAP data models, enriches the value of SAP data in BigQuery thereby enabling customers to utilize Google Cloud’s Smart Analytics capabilities around their SAP systems.

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