Google launches a global “Cloud Acceleration Program”.

The aim is to support SAP user companies, to make their journey to the cloud a success. Heidelberg-based software company Datavard – together with selected global consulting and innovative technology providers from the SAP ecosystem – is one of the participating companies in the Cloud Acceleration Program. Using Datavard Glue™, customers can connect data from SAP solutions with Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and archive it using Datavard Outboard or even decommission complete systems securely and cost-effectively.

The Cloud Acceleration Program for SAP is designed to reduce the complexity of SAP migrations to the cloud and accelerate upgrades to SAP S/4HANA. Google Cloud and Partner solutions simplify cloud migrations for SAP customers, be it moving SAP On-Premise workloads to Google Cloud or extending SAP solutions with Google Cloud or other leading third-party technologies.

The launch of the program includes support from global consulting firms such as Accenture, which have created Google Cloud specific business units to help customers migrate critical workloads and applications to the Google Cloud. In addition to partner-led assessment services, prototyping, and competence centers for SAP on the Google Cloud Platform, SAP customers will receive new architecture templates and SAP-focused support.

Datavard is joined by a number of technology providers in the program. Solutions such as Datavard Glue™ make it easy to transfer data from SAP solutions to BigQuery for use in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and reporting. In addition, Datavard Outboard enables users to archive or securely decommission complete SAP systems that, for example, are no longer required when introducing S/4 HANA.

“With Google, we are expanding our collaboration with the leading global Hyperscalers and further expanding our expertise and independent consulting for SAP customers in the cloud. This enables us to achieve the greatest possible added value for our customers,” explains Gregor Stoeckler, CEO of Datavard.

Datavard has had a successful partnership with Microsoft since December 2017 and already helps SAP customers integrate their SAP data into Azure Data Lakes to implement reporting or predictive analytics scenarios. Datavard also supports the migration of entire SAP systems into the Azure Cloud from consulting through to almost fully automated migration.

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