Opening doors for SAP system administration

I recently attended this year’s DSAG Technology Days and I found the event itself very enjoyable. The whole atmosphere was relaxed and open. For me personally, it was very interesting for me to see a lot of base administrators attending.


I found that customers are proactively asking about the latest technologies and have shown real interest in the topics. The hottest topics among customers were system performance, system stability and security.


The main reason for the vibrant interest in these subjects is that after using SAP systems for many years they become huge and confusing. International companies can simply not afford to have unplanned system downtime. And as a consequence, the pressure on IT is very high.


However, administrators have often little opportunity to understand complex systems and landscapes. Topics like real time or automated monitoring are becoming increasingly important.


Today a lot of companies have already decided that they want to migrate to HANA. Two years back that trend was brand new. Nowadays customers know it but often have no idea what will be the next step, how to get prepared and who to contact. The biggest question is: How much does it cost?


Special offers and deals you can find anywhere, but can you trust them? This uncertainty slows down even the most innovation process in a company. As a result, customers are turning to smaller consulting firms who are experts in just one field. They don’t feel comfortable anymore and missing flexibility in larger consulting companies.


So here is a clear trend of trusting more in a smaller but specialized partner rather than in a bigger and more complex company.

The DSAG Technology Days have definitely opened new doors towards a new stage of SAP system administration for a lot of participants.

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