Pokémons and insane amounts of geolocation data boost small businesses

This summer parks and streets got so crowded with teenagers that it feels like the 60’s are back. What lured the Millennials (and others) outside? Most probably a Bulbasaur or a Pikachu. Pokémon GO did the exact opposite to what PC games used to do to players. Instead of keeping them tethered to the computer screen at home, the young and bright are now encouraged to meet in the open air, socialize and search for funny little creatures in the augmented reality world.



This Pokemon at the Datavard office quickly found a new owner

A wild Pokémon at our office


Pokémons Drive Big And Small Businesses


While on the hunt, Pokémon enthusiasts feed Niantic Inc. with ridiculous amounts of geolocation data that is used to drive further engagement within the community:


“With plans to introduce community-based Pokémon trading and even wearables, it’s clear the creators have no intention of slowing down. And this is great for business.”

H.O. Maycotte, Forbes


Local shops, cafes, and restaurants which turned into PokéStops are now enjoying herds of smartphone-wielding gamers who will appreciate refreshments after a busy day hunting. They get in touch with the community through social media and boast of rare Pokémons that can be caught at their location. They can also purchase the “Lure Module” to attract both creatures and customers (who happen to have the app turned on).


Even new businesses emerge thanks to the Pokémon craze – more resourceful students earn some extra cash by walking around with your phone and hatching your eggs, lemonade stands sprout near the gyms, and new rideshare companies are giving discounts if you wish to travel from one PokéStop to another.


 What Comes Next?


The challenge now for the creators is to tap into the endless streams of geolocation data and disclose repetitive patterns and user behaviour that will help them to further develop the app and make the most out of it while it is still popular. It may sound like a cliché, but the winter is coming, and my bet is that the colder weather will keep the players indoors…




“Why Pokémon GO is Good for Data and Great for Business”H.O. Maycotte , Forbes

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